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At Forrester Creations, Katie and Carter watch a promo for a new digital campaign and discuss the boutique finally reopening. Carter then asks Katie to catch him up on what’s been going on. He’s stunned to learn Bill and Brooke kissed…again. Katie relays that she can’t get the image out of her head – she saw it thanks to Quinn and a digital picture frame. She flashes to the revelation in Brooke’s living room, her explanation she was distraught over Thomas, and Ridge’s furious reaction as he sneered about the ‘slap in the face’ before storming out. She recalls her own outburst and telling Brooke to ‘shut up and stop talking’.

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In the present, Katie updates Carter on Shauna being enamored with Ridge. The scene flashes to Ridge and Shauna sharing a close moment as he informs her he’s going to Vegas with her before sharing a kiss. Next, we see the pair in Vegas hitting the town, drinking, and kissing in front of a wedding chapel. (Read our review of the show’s first post-shutdown episode here.)
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Later, Zoe joins Carter, who explains Katie caught him up on some things. Zoe teases him about gossiping. He asks how she’s been doing since…everything. Zoe recalls Thomas tried to marry her to win back Hope and flashes to the failed ceremony. Scenes of Steffy, Liam, and Hope discussing the need to stop the wedding also air. Zoe recalls Hope appearing in a wedding gown and Thomas ditching her at the altar as she slaps him. Hope then informs Thomas she’s exposing him confronts him about using Douglas and playing on his fears. As the memory continues, Zoe dumps Thomas as she stands with Hope. Back in the office, Zoe’s grateful she learned the truth before making a mistake. Carter feels she can do much better. She asks if he has someone in mind. Carter muses, “Maybe.”
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Katie joins Carter and Zoe in the office. Zoe asks Katie about Sally. Carter’s curious. Katie sighs, then admits Sally’s dying. She flashes to being there when she got the diagnosis and talks about how brave she’s been. Wyatt and Flo are seen discussing the sacrifice they need to make for Sally. Carter, Zoe, and Katie marvel that a force like Sally Spectra could be dying. Flashbacks air of Sally revealing she’s faking and Flo confronting her and Dr. Penny Escobar before getting hit over the head. They’re seen dragging her body out the back as Wyatt enters the front door of the beach house…

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Clips air of what’s ahead on Bold and Beautiful, including Brooke trying to seduce Ridge, Steffy in the hospital after a motorcycle accident, a bearded Thomas, and Carter shirtless.

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Flo regains consciousness and realizes she’s been kidnapped.

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