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At Spencer Publications, Bill insists to Wyatt that he doesn’t want to be back with Brooke and loves Katie. Talk turns to Wyatt’s situation with Flo and Sally. They go over Sally facing a battle she can’t win. Bill will be there for Wyatt when Sally’s time comes and so will Flo. Wyatt marvels at Bill’s approval of Flo. They swerve back to Bill’s dilemma – Wyatt can understand Katie’s point of view. Bill rails that the moment the kiss was over, he and Brooke knew it was wrong, but Shauna and Wyatt’s ‘witch’ of a mother was all over it. He adds Will doesn’t know anything and he hopes it stays that way.

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At the beach house, Sally exclaims over Penny knocking Flo unconscious. Penny doesn’t know what came over her and asks, “Do you think she’ll be okay?” Sally hollers that she’s the damn doctor and should examine her. Escobar finds a pulse, but worries about a serious head injury. Sally groans and warns Wyatt will be coming back and can’t find Flo like this. As they continue to panic, Sally refuses to call for help and Penny agonizes over getting involved in this and losing her license. Sally decides they have to get Flo out of there before Wyatt gets home. He texts, and Sally reiterates they have to take her away. Penny gawps, “We’re kidnapping her now?” Together, they start dragging Flo’s unconscious body out the back door as Wyatt enters the front door and exclaims, “What the hell?!”

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At Forrester Creations, Donna asks Katie if she’s reached out to Bill. Katie hasn’t and doesn’t plan to for now. She still loves him but can’t forget the hurt he caused her by kissing Brooke. Katie recaps how humiliated she was and only blames Bill and Brooke. Donna urges her not to close her heart to Bill, she really believes he’s sorry. Katie reminds her they’ve been sorry before and are incapable of keeping their hands and lips off each other. She loves her sister and they’ll work through it, but Bill… “I don’t know if I can ever trust him again.” Katie rehashes pushing them together before. Bill arrives at the door as talk turns to Wyatt helping Sally – it’s all because of Flo’s willingness to put her happiness aside. She’s proud to call her a Logan. Bill enters and says Flo may trade the Logan name for Spencer before long. Donna leaves and Bill wants to tell Katie how sorry he is, but she feels it doesn’t mean anything. Bill asks her not to shut him out. He won’t let her go. Katie tells him the video was devastating and she genuinely didn’t see it coming. “Don’t push it okay.” She changes the subject back to Wyatt and Flo. Bill thinks they’ll marry after Sally’s gone.
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