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At Forrester Creations, Katie can’t believe that Wyatt asked a dying woman to leave his house. Wyatt protests that it wasn’t easy. Katie realizes Sally doesn’t want to go and asks if it was his idea or Flo’s. Wyatt explains they just want Sally to get the help she needs. He intends to still be there for Sally and flashes to her saying she wants him back. Katie asks again if it was Flo’s idea for Sally to leave. Wyatt concedes that it was, but not because she’s insecure. Quinn thinks Wyatt’s done the best he can, but Katie worries making Sally leave could rip the rug right out from under her. As they reflect on the past animosity between Sally and Flo, Quinn feels Katie has a point that this could cause more conflict between them. Wyatt believes Sally knows Flo cares – they are getting along, and Sally even sent Flo flowers. He recaps that he can’t keep Sally with him, she’ll need more help than he can give her.
Wyatt is quetstioned Bold and Beautiful

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At the beach house, Sally hisses at Flo to leave her alone, she’s sick. Flo argues that she’s faking and isn’t actually dying. She wonders if Sally wanted pity and rails that she and Wyatt were worried sick about her every day but it’s all a giant, disgusting lie! Sally asks what kind of monster attacks a dying woman – she’s lost her damn mind. Flo warns Sally she should be afraid of how Wyatt will react to all this. Sally continues to insist she’s sick. Flo reminds her she caught her. “You are not dying.” Sally thinks Wyatt would be horrified at how Flo’s treating her and accuses her of being jealous. “Am I not dying fast enough for you?” Flo exclaims she’s not dying at all. She pulls Sally’s walker away and challenges her to admit the truth. Sally sighs. She says the truth is she’s in pain and these accusations hurt. Flo rolls her eyes and rants about how insensitive this is to Wyatt. She wonders if this is how Sally planned to hold onto him. She went to see her doctor and knows Escobar is in on this with her. She warns it will be better if Wyatt hears the truth from Sally. Sally complains about people falling over themselves to make excuses for Flo, they’d never do that for her because she’s a Spectra. She’s sick and tired of losing and wasn’t going to sit by and watch Flo snatch him. She admits she’s lying; she decided to fight for what she loves – she loves Wyatt more than Flo would ever care to understand!
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