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At the beach house, Sally tells Wyatt she knows her being there is uncomfortable for Flo, but wouldn’t mind dying by the beach after a few last walks hand-in-hand with Wyatt on the sand…not in some facility attached to machines. She needs to know that Flo won’t keep him from being there for her in the little time she has left. Wyatt defends Flo, who has been completely supportive. Sally muses, “Yeah, as long as it’s not here.” Wyatt feels it would be great to stay by the beach, but reality will set it quickly. Regardless, he and Flo want to do all they can to help her.

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In Dr. Escobar’s office, Flo hears Penny coming and leaves the laptop to sit in the chair. Penny enters and wants her to leave, but Flo wants to ask more questions. Escobar won’t discuss Sally’s health and advises Flo to be supportive…for however long this lasts.
Dr. Escobar, Flo confrontation Bold and Beautiful

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At Forrester Creations, Quinn and Katie talk about Sally dying and Quinn notes at least her designs will live on. She’s proud of Wyatt and is glad her son is going to be there for Sally. Wyatt arrives and asks Katie if she’s received his messages – he’s there for her if she needs him. Talk turns to Sally and her fears. Quinn asks about Flo and commends the two of them for putting their happiness on hold. Katie thinks Sally’s doing so well because she’s at the beach house. Wyatt grimaces. “I told Sally she needs to leave.” Quinn and Katie are shocked. Wyatt protests and Katie senses he’s conflicted.
Katie, Quinn, Wyatt office Bold and Beautiful

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At the beach house, Sally texts Wyatt that she started packing but it wore her out. She muses, “A little guilt trip never hurt anyone.” Penny calls and warns Flo visited again. She explains her plan isn’t working. Sally argues it’s Flo asking her to move, not Wyatt. Penny thinks it’s time for her miracle cure. Sally snaps it’s time for Flo to mind her business. She needs a little more time and has to get Flo out of the way. Sally disconnects as Flo arrives. Sally understands why she wants her to go since she’s clinging onto life longer than expected. She appreciates Flo’s sacrifice. Flo wants to give her the end she deserves and asks if Sally honestly feels anything but hatred for her. Sally denies it and goes on about feeling weaker – she needs a nap. Flo marvels that they don’t even know what she’s battling and questions her giving up. As Sally starts on her walker, Flo shows a rubber snake on the floor. Sally leaps on the furniture. Flo says it’s a fake…like her! She swipes the makeup off Sally’s face and seethes, “Wait until Wyatt finds out. He’s not going to want anything to do with you ever again.”

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