Flo snoops laptop Bold and Beautiful
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At the beach house, Wyatt tries to explain to Sally why he and Flo asked her to move out. Sally mutters about Flo being jealous. Wyatt argues that Flo wants her to be well taken care of. Sally thought she already was – if this is what Wyatt wants, she’ll go. Wyatt stresses a well-trained staff can handle her situation better than he can there. Sally begins hobbling to the bedroom to gather her things. Wyatt grimaces. “Sally stop. You’re not going anywhere.” He won’t leave her. Sally whispers, “You really do love me.” Wyatt wants to do everything he can for her but can’t understand her refusal to fight. Sally’s convinced her moving out was all Flo’s idea. She believes they’d be together if not for her.
Wyatt, Sally discuss moving out Bold and Beautiful

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Flo arrives at Dr. Escobar’s office with more questions about Sally. She notices Sally’s a bit paler, and is using a walker, but otherwise doesn’t seem much worse. Is there a reason for that? She notes they were told Sally only had weeks to live. Escobar thinks she should be grateful, being Sally’s friend. Flo pushes to learn if she’s gone into remission or if something’s changed and wonders if Sally and Penny connected over design. Escobar will only say there’s nothing anyone can do for Sally now; they need to accept that. Flo reveals she and Wyatt asked Flo to move out. Escobar gets paged away, so Flo uses her laptop to access Sally’s medical records and gasps, “What? No. Oh my God.”
Flo visits Penny Escobar Bold and Beautiful

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At Forrester Creations, Quinn enters the office where Katie’s sitting at a desk. Katie realizes she targeted her sister and she’s just collateral damage. Quinn’s sorry, she could have handled it better, but asks her not to shoot the messenger – at least she’s not in the dark anymore! Katie accuses her of playing God with her life and Ridge’s life, but admits she’s grateful and doesn’t want to be played for a fool. She mentions her kidney transplant and wishes Sally could be so lucky. They look at her designs and mull how far she could have gone. Quinn concedes she and Sally have had their issues, but she was stunned by the news she’s dying. Katie touts Wyatt and Flo’s selflessness and tells Quinn they don’t know how much time Sally has left. Quinn can see how much her son still cares about her.

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