Wyatt broaches moving with Sally Bold and Beautiful
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At Forrester Creations, Bill finds Quinn in the office – she had to know he’d come after her. Quinn muses, “The truth will set you free.” She explains she only uploaded the video so everyone could see who Brooke is, and will always be, and reveal that her commitment to Ridge is zilch. Bill won’t let this ruin his future with Katie – it was one moment that will never be repeated. Quinn wishes him luck but feels Ridge will see it as the ultimate betrayal. Bill realizes she really has it in for Brooke. Quinn recounts how she asked Eric to get rid of her and slapped her best friend. It was her job as Forrester matriarch to remind the family, and Brooke, where she came from. Bill notes she accomplished her goal of humiliating Brooke, but Katie was also hurt, which is unacceptable. Quinn reminds him the video wouldn’t have existed if he hadn’t kissed Brooke and advises him to stay away from Katie’s ‘snake of a sister’.
Bill confronts Quinn Bold and Beautiful

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Ridge awakens hungover at the Forrester mansion with Brooke watching him. She asks if getting out of town was worth it. He’s not sure. Brooke reveals that the Forrester pilot told her he was in Vegas with Shauna. Ridge can’t remember anything and Brooke muses it’s like the blackout night at Bikini Bar. She informs him they will get back together and doesn’t understand why she kissed Bill, but maybe it was because she felt dismissed and Bill was listening. Ridge shakes his head. Brooke believes that they belong together – they’re destiny. Ridge wonders how many times they’ve said that to each other. In a moment alone, Ridge gets a call from Shauna. He doesn’t remember anything and asks if he had fun. She hopes so. Ridge wants her to return, but Shauna can’t be around him; she’ll cherish their memories. She says goodbye and disconnects.
Ridge at home with Brooke Bold and Beautiful

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At the beach house, Wyatt debates with Flo over the phone about asking Sally to leave following her emotional blackmail. He disconnects as Sally inches into the room using her walker. He tells her they need to talk about her future and where they go from here. They sit, and Wyatt revisits her refusal to seek treatment. He points out she’s already beaten the odds by living longer than a month. Flo arrives. Sally asks, “What’s going on?” Wyatt is grateful to have spent this time with her, they both wanted to make this time easier for her. Flo interjects that they’ve discussed it and it’s time for her to move out. Sally gawps, “You’re kicking me out?” Wyatt soothes that she’ll need the kind of care they can’t give her. Sally thinks she’s doing better because of Wyatt’s care, but gets that it’s a huge inconvenience. Wyatt grimaces as Sally thanks them and says none of this would have happened if not for Flo. Wyatt hugs her.

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