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At Forrester Creations, Katie glances at a photo of her and Brooke and flashes to finding out about the kiss. Donna enters and thinks she’s wallowing and obsessing. Katie complains she worked so hard to get past their betrayal and now this has smacked her in the face. Donna pleads that she doesn’t think either of them meant for it to happen, or to hurt her. Katie knows, but it does hurt…how could they do this to her again…and to Will? She’s had to make excuses as to why Bill isn’t there. Donna feels that’s another reason to forgive and live the life she’s supposed to live with her family. Katie replies that they may have finally pushed her too far.
Donna makes an appeal to Katie Bold and Beautiful

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At home, Brooke leaves Ridge a voicemail saying they can work things out, she’s worried about him, and loves him. After disconnecting, Bill arrives at her door. She protests, “Bill you can’t be here – you can’t!” Bill’s unconvinced that Ridge will show up and Brooke admits he’s not getting back to her. Bill reaches to touch her arm, but she shifts away. Brooke worries his visit could be misinterpreted. Bill thinks Ridge is a child for running off and making her suffer. Brooke recaps that Ridge sees their kiss as the ultimate betrayal. She’s determined that they will both save their marriages – she won’t give up on Ridge. After, Brooke calls International looking for Ridge, then flashes back to happier memories. She cries, “Where are you, Ridge? Please come back.”
Bill visits Brooke Bold and Beautiful

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Ridge and Shauna return to her house in Vegas after a burrito lunch. He thinks they should do it again tomorrow, but she has other things planned – if he wants to see Vegas through her eyes, they’ll go to the outlet mall. Ridge gets another message from Brooke, who wants to talk. Shauna encourages him to return her call. Ridge doesn’t want to deal with Brooke right now – he’s there to learn about Shauna. As he talks about her good qualities, Shauna swoons that she’s melting and tells Ridge he’s the total package. To be there together now – how can she not fall for him? Ridge assures her he’s not uncomfortable with that. Shauna swerves that even though she’s never felt this way about a man, she has to protect herself since Brooke’s still in his life. Ridge says it feels right being there with her. Shauna’s scared, which causes Ridge dismay. Shauna tells him he needs to go back home to Brooke – history suggests that’s where he’ll end up. Ridge hopes she’s wrong and reveals she’s not the only one with feelings. He pulls her into a passionate kiss.

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