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At Forrester Creations, Brooke leaves Ridge another voicemail to call her. Donna enters and assures her she will work through this with both Ridge and Katie, but complains about the reckless kiss. Brook expresses regret, then worries about Shauna taking advantage…with Quinn’s help. Donna thinks she should focus on getting forgiveness. Brooke says Katie won’t even talk to her. Donna offers to approach Katie on her behalf. Brooke’s thankful and has to find Ridge. Donna’s hopeful they can overcome this obstacle. It kills Brooke to think she’s hurt Ridge.

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In the Forrester mansion, Quinn notices Eric’s still upset with her and insists she was doing Ridge and Katie a favor. Eric gawps, “A favor?” He asks if Ridge is in Las Vegas with Shauna. Quinn hopes so. Eric grumps that she deliberately tried to sabotage a marriage. Quinn exclaims – is there nothing he won’t judge Brooke for? Eric won’t excuse Brooke, but won’t excuse Quinn either. Quinn protests that the family should be glad the truth is out. Eric feels she should have gone to Ridge and Katie privately, but Quinn argues it was in a room with people familiar with Brooke’s sordid history. She believes Ridge would be a fool to ever take Brooke back and recaps that she hopes he is with Shauna.
Quinn and Eric have words Bold and Beautiful

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In Las Vegas, Shauna gets a text from Quinn but doesn’t respond. Ridge appears and wants to make a pact to not use their phones while she shows him around the town. He opens a photo album and wants to learn more about her. Shauna can’t believe he’s there – he knows how to make a girl feel special. She can tell he’s still struggling. Ridge reflects that Quinn may have been right in showing him the video – if she hadn’t, he wouldn’t be there with Shauna. Ridge’s phone dings – he doesn’t want to deal with Brooke’s calls and messages and asks Shauna to distract him. Shauna reveals she likes archeological digs but will always be a showgirl at heart. Ridge says she’s like an oasis to him. Shauna notes he seems more relaxed in her tiny little place in the desert. He observes it’s real, honest and grounded…like her. Shauna marvels at him being there on her couch and notes anything can happen in Vegas. They kiss.
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Quinn arrives at Forrester and needles Brooke about texting Ridge – it’s clear he wants nothing to do with her. Brooke won’t give up on her marriage. Quinn confirms he’s with Shauna. Brooke sneers about Quinn and her bestie swooping in after this setback. Quinn mocks her for calling it a setback and argues he left her. Brooke won’t allow her marriage to end over this. Quinn rolls her eyes and says Shauna won’t throw her chance with Ridge away.
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