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At Forrester Creations, Steffy finds Katie in the office. Katie understands she’s surprised to see her and relays she and Bill are no longer living together. She starts talking about the couture line and Steffy worries Sally won’t be around for it. They go over Zoe’s concern that Flo’s tempting fate with Wyatt moving Sally into the beach house. Katie feels there’s no reason for Flo to be threatened…to be blunt, Sally will soon be gone. Steffy recalls her history with Sally, but found she was vulnerable inside. Katie thinks what she and Ridge are doing for Sally is an act of love. Steffy remarks on Flo and Wyatt’s generosity. Katie’s happy she’s finally seeing what a great person Flo is.
Katie, Steffy discuss current events Bold and Beautiful

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In the beach house, Sally feels she and Wyatt can get back what they had. She’ll go seek medical treatment to prolong her life if he tells her he’ll come back. Wyatt would never deny what they had together or forget the time they shared, but things are different. He’s there whatever she needs…and so is Flo. He can’t give her more than that. Sally bristles; a love like theirs doesn’t come along every day. Her love never wavered. He loves her too, but not the way she wants. Sally doesn’t believe that – she knows the feelings are there. She’ll settle for being there together and wouldn’t want her life to end anywhere else. Wyatt questions why she won’t fight for her life. If Sally thought there was something between them, she would. She goes in for a kiss, but Wyatt pulls away. He doesn’t want to cause her pain but can’t let her confuse his compassion for something else. Sally agonizes over calling him Liam, which changed their relationship. She only loves him. Wyatt holds her.
Sally gives Wyatt ultimatum Bold and Beautiful

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At Dr. Escobar’s office, Flo reiterates she can’t understand Sally refusing to fight for her life, it’s very out-of-character. She asks if the doctor knows whether something is holding her back from seeking medical treatment. Escobar warns she’s limited by doctor-patient confidentiality. Flo points out that Sally’s living with her boyfriend and asks if Sally could be hiding something about her condition. Escobar asks her to leave. Flo spots her design sketchpad and learns she knows Sally works at Forrester Creations. Later, Sally arrives to see Penny, who warns her plan isn’t working. Sally feels she just needs more time – she will not lose the man she loves to Flo again.
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At the beach house, Wyatt makes out with Flo before telling her Sally tried to kiss him. Flo’s irritated but Wyatt feels she’s understandably emotional. He relays Sally told him she’d seek treatment if she had something to fight for…him. Flo states it’s unfair and is emotional blackmail. They embrace.

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