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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Zoe discuss getting a new collection ready and Steffy mentions Ridge is out of town. Talk turns to Sally’s designs being used for the couture line amid her dying – Zoe’s still in shock. Steffy explains she’s known for a while. The conversation switches to Wyatt living with Sally. Zoe’s not sure it’s necessary and feels it might have been a mistake on Sally’s part. She thinks it’s odd Sally’s family isn’t stepping up. Steffy defends Flo’s decision – Sally doesn’t have much time left, why shouldn’t she spend the rest of her life with Wyatt? Zoe recaps bonding with Flo and wants the best for her and Wyatt. Steffy feels they should all be thinking of Sally.
Zoe, Steffy discuss Sally dying Bold and Beautiful

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At Flo’s place, she and Wyatt talk about Sally not seeking treatment or even a second opinion. Wyatt has tried to get through to Sally, who doesn’t believe she can fight it. Flo feels that’s not like her, but can’t imagine what it’s like to know the end is near. She decides she’ll talk to Sally’s doctor and Wyatt texts Sally that he’s on his way.
Flo, Wyatt discuss Sally Bold and Beautiful

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At the beach house, Sally argues with Dr. Penny Escobar, who doesn’t want to continue lying. Sally stresses no one can know that she’s not dying. Sally gets Wyatt’s text and explains to Escobar that she needs to get him back – they will have the future Flo stole from them. Later, Sally has candles lit and wine out for Wyatt’s arrival. He says it was a sweet gesture to send flowers to Flo. Wyatt thinks her romantic surprise is amazing but worries she should be resting. Sally wanted to do something fun and misses the old days. They sit in front of the fire and Wyatt presses her to seek treatment. Sally reflects how everyone started treating her better upon finding out she was dying. Wyatt insists everyone genuinely cares. Sally might seek treatment if she had something to fight for her…if she had him. She tearfully says she loves him. Wyatt can’t say it back the same way, but she shouldn’t give up the will to battle the disease. Sally urges him to remember what drew them together. They flash back. Sally wants Wyatt to fight…for them; for what they lost and for what they can still be. “I want you back.”
Sally wants Penny quiet Bold and Beautiful

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Flo visits Dr. Escobar at the hospital and explains she’s a friend of Sally Spectra’s. She wants the doctor to convince her to get some kind of treatment. Escobar admits she’s stubborn. Flo presses the doctor to try and get through to her – they don’t even know what she has. Escobar can’t reveal that and asks her to leave. “There’s nothing I can do.” Flo asks if that’s true or if there’s something she should know.
Flo questions Penny Escobar Bold and Beautiful

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