Eric can’t believe what he’s seeing on his laptop and wonders how Donna could do that to him. He instructs Thorne to bring Donna to him, but Throne tries to stall. Eric demands his son do it and Thorne leaves.

Brooke asks Ridge if he’s come up with a venue for their wedding and Ridge is a bit distracted, but says he’s on it. Ridge is more concerned about Eric’s big decision he’s about to make between Stephanie and Donna. Brooke says they are on opposite sides of most family issues, but they can agree to disagree. Ridge notes they are like congress and in the spirit of reaching across the aisle, he kisses her. Ridge says he has an idea for a venue and suggests they get married at the beach again. Brooke loves it and offers her own idea – a grand, red carpet rehearsal dinner. Ridge says she’s making it sound like her first wedding again and Brooke says it sort of is and it will be her last. Ridge says he loves her and can’t wait to make her his wife because this time it’s forever. They talk more about their wedding and their love for each other and fall back on the bed kissing.

Rick goes to the rooftop at FC and thinks about the day he and Ridge fought. Four models come to see him and note how well he’s doing without his cane. Rick says he’s retired it in honor of the big spring shoot. The models leave to get ready for it and Steffy walks up. Ridge tries to charm her, but Steffy is having none of it.

Donna comes to Eric’s office and tells him she’s been waiting patiently for his call. Donna is shocked by Eric’s cold demeanor as he tells her that their marriage is over and that she should get her things out of the house by tonight. Donna assumes his change in attitude is because of his family, but Eric retorts that it’s because she betrayed him with Owen. He furiously tells her to leave, but Donna won’t budge. Eric tells her she’s not the person he thought she was and Donna doesn’t understand why he’s saying these things. Donna cries and begs Eric to believe in her love for him. Eric just continues to lash out at her and tells her he gave up his marriage and his family and came back from a coma to be with her, only to find that she ripped his heart out. He wonders what kind of a woman does that. Donna tells him they had the perfect life until Pam poisoned him. She was alone and Owen comforted her, but it was nothing compared to the love she feels for him. She won’t leave him because she is committed to him, but Eric erupts in anger saying it’s a lie because he’s seen it with his own eyes. Donna wonders what he’s seen and he says, “I’ve seen enough.” Donna tries to get through to him and asks him to talk to her, but Eric won’t. Donna begs him to tell her what’s wrong, confused as to why things changed so quickly. She says whatever he thinks about her and Owen, he’s wrong. She tells Eric he is the love of her life and always will be.

Stephanie sits on the couch at the mansion thinking about what she should pack and if she should leave any reminders of her in the house. She eventually decides that Eric has made his choice and says, “If he wants her, let him have her.” Thorne comes to the house and tells his mother to stop packing her things because Eric might not be coming back with Donna. He tells Stephanie that she shouldn’t give up hope yet because she and Eric belong together and instructs her to stay at the house because Eric will need her tonight. Stephanie is grateful for Thorne’s support and Thorne heads back to the office.

Steffy starts to work out and Rick offers to help and gives her a shoulder rub, but Steffy rejects his advances knowing that he’s using her to get back at Ridge. She tells Rick that when he fell, he must have knocked something loose because he’s not the same person he was. Rick flirts with her more and Steffy yells at him, saying he’s the last person she would ever be interested in. Steffy says he has issues with women and he’s taking it out on her dad. Rick retorts, “Why don’t you let me throw you over the edge and we’ll see how you feel.” Steffy points to that as proof that he is out to get Ridge, but Rick defends all of his relationships and why he is angry with her father. He says Brooke and Ridge are incompatible and he won’t let Ridge hurt his mother again and he will do anything to stop him.

Stephanie calls FC to see if Eric has left the office yet, but learns he’s talking with Donna. She looks concerned and wonders if Thorne has it all wrong.

Thorne takes the camera down from Owen’s office and two models who look like Owen and Donna enter. Thorne tells them they did a good job and hands them envelopes. He tells them not to tell anyone about this ever.

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