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In Brooke’s living room, Quinn declares that Brooke needs to accept that she’s pushed Ridge into Shauna’s arms. She hates that Brooke caused humiliation again – the only thing she’d have hated more is if she’d gotten away with it. Quinn doubts Katie will be able to forgive Brooke again and feels the decent and kind Ridge deserves to be with Shauna. Brooke insists she and Ridge will never be over. Quinn can’t understand her interest in Bill over Ridge. Debate ensues about whose portrait should hang over the fireplace. Quinn is married to Eric, which makes her the Forrester matriarch, though she wouldn’t mind sharing the title with Shauna. Brooke vows she won’t win, and neither will Shauna.
Brooke vows Quinn won't win Bold and Beautiful

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In Flo’s apartment, Ridge tells Shauna he’s going with her to Vegas. He’s loved Brooke most of his adult life, but being in love with a person like that…what’s the point? It hurts too much. He’d like to get to know Shauna as Brooke never learns. Shauna points out it was one make-out session. Ridge replies it’s one that they know of and ruminates about what Brooke’s done to Katie. He came today to let Shauna know he can’t lose her. Shauna can’t have him come to Vegas with her – she can’t be used to get over his wife. Ridge wouldn’t do that. Shauna won’t risk being a rebound – she’s fallen hard for him but is scared her heart will get broken. Ridge vows he’d never hurt her. He wants to come with her and learn about her life – he’s going to Vegas with her. They kiss.
Ridge Shauna kiss Bold and Beautiful

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At home, Bill is frustrated as Katie packs. She doesn’t want to hear him defend Brooke and feels the video explained everything. She’s exhausted by the excuses and the ‘it won’t happen again’ because it always does. Bill wonders what he can say or do to reassure her. Katie recalls he didn’t answer Donna when she asked if she was his one true and only. She doesn’t need to hear the words; she needs to feel it. “And I don’t.” Bill says she should. It was one kiss – a crazy moment in time. Katie wants to believe him. She knows Brooke was upset but doesn’t understand how it led to kissing. Katie feels like a fool for trusting he loves her. Bill does love her – he doesn’t want a life with Brooke, he wants a life with her and Will. He won’t let her walk out the door and says, “I’ll go.” Katie points out it’s his house. Bill counters it’s their family’s home and insists this will be temporary. He gets emotional recounting all they’ve been through and won’t give up. He wants to hear that Katie won’t give up on them either.
Katie cries bedroom Bold and Beautiful

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