Shauna, Ridge going Vegas Bold and Beautiful
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn insists Ridge must go to Shauna before it’s too late. They debate whether Ridge is a hypocrite since he kissed Shauna. Quinn points out Brooke kissed her sister’s husband and feels Brooke’s history with men is beyond disgusting. She complains Shauna is leaving because she cares about him too much – she doesn’t even know he walked out on Brooke tonight.

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In Brooke’s living room, she never meant to hurt Katie. Katie responds, “And yet you do. Both of you.” Bill pleads, “Katie don’t do this.” Katie complains there are lines that shouldn’t be crossed, but they both do, again and again. Maybe she should just accept that they always will. Bill wants forgiveness for the isolated incident. Brooke says they both love her. Katie shrugs that’s the crazy part. She thought they were past this and she can’t go back to it. Bill protests that he’s committed and rants about Quinn. Katie’s glad it came out and needs time to think. She leaves to go hold her son. Brooke urges Bill to follow, then cries alone. She tries to call Ridge.
Brooke cries alone Bold and Beautiful

In the Forrester living room, Quinn presses Ridge to decline Brooke’s call – she not the Forrester matriarch, she’s the Forrester tramp. She insists Shauna would never hurt him – he should go to her and finally have a woman he can count on.

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At home, Brooke smashes the digital photo frame as Quinn enters. Brooke confronts her for uploading the video, while Quinn counters she’s been getting away with her disgusting behavior for years. Brooke warns she and Ridge won’t break up as Quinn mocks ‘destiny’ and muses that Ridge is starting to see things differently. Brooke thinks Quinn will see how malicious she is, and accuses her of trying to push her out so Shauna can be with Ridge. “It won’t work. There’s no chance.” Quinn smirks that Ridge has figured out you shouldn’t have to work for destiny – he deserves the love of a good woman like Shauna.
Quinn mocks Brooke Bold and Beautiful

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At Flo’s place, Shauna tells Flo she wants Ridge to have his dream life with Brooke as long as he can have it. She’s treasured this time with Flo…and with Ridge, and can’t help but wonder what comes next. Flo’s unable to convince her to stay another night. Shauna opens the door to leave and Ridge is there. Flo exits, and Ridge informs Shauna he saw her video of Brooke and Bill. Shauna assumes he’s angry with her. Ridge came because Quinn told he she was leaving to avoid complicating his life. He asks her not to leave, but she has to. Ridge decides he’ll go with her.

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