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In Brooke’s living room, she apologizes to Ridge, who asks if she’s sorry for making out with Bill or getting caught. Bill intervenes and Katie says they both make her sick. Brooke pleads for forgiveness. Ridge can’t figure out what to say to Brooke and tells Katie he’s so sorry. Katie, teary, replies, “Thanks for caring.” Brooke states the kiss meant nothing. Katie is upset to hear her say that…why risk everything over something meaningless? Steffy and Donna grimace as Katie lashes out at Bill – how could he betray her with her sister again?! She turns to Brooke and accuses her of not caring if she hurts her. Ridge questions why Brooke did this to Katie. Bill retorts Brooke didn’t do it alone. Ridge gets testy and Eric doesn’t want a brawl. Brooke expresses regret to Katie, who notes it loses something when it’s the fourth time. Amid the raised voices, Quinn interrupts to say she’s the one who uploaded the video of Brooke and Bill kissing and she’s not a bit sorry. She explains someone had to hold Brooke accountable and apologizes to Katie. Bridget remarks on how much Quinn hates her mother. It comes out that Shauna took the video. Quinn rants about Brooke’s inability to keep her lips off her sister’s man. Bill lashes out at Quinn, who wonders if Eric will defend Brooke now – she’s the sick one. She’s sorry Ridge is blindsided but hopes his eyes are opened. Quinn urges him to kick Brooke to the curb and move on with a woman who deserves him. Brooke concedes she’s impulsive and makes mistakes. Brooke and Bill both apologize again. Brooke insists they can get through this. Ridge asks, “Aren’t you tired of just getting through it?” He can’t be there and warns Brooke not to come after him or try to find him. Ridge leaves as Brooke pleads.
Ridge studies Brooke Bold and Beautiful

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In Flo’s apartment, Shauna tells her daughter that Brooke and Bill were kissing. Flo’s worried about Katie. Shauna relays that she told Quinn she won’t tell Ridge what she saw. Flo thinks it must be heartbreaking to protect the marriage of the man she loves. Shauna recorded the kiss on her phone, but feels if Brooke and Bill are sleeping together the truth will eventually come out. Flo wishes Ridge knew how much Shauna loves him. Shauna deleted the video and is returning to Vegas – no one will ever know. She and Flo will miss one another. Shauna has to forget about the most incredible man she’s ever met.
Flo reacts to Brooke kiss Bold and Beautiful

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn explains to Ridge that she stole the video from Shauna’s phone. Shauna deleted and would never hurt him. She warns that Shauna is leaving town – he has to stop her.

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