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In Brooke’s living room, Ridge holds up the video of Brooke and Bill kissing and questions it as Katie asks when this happened. Brooke wants to take Ridge to talk alone, to explain, but Katie informs her she doesn’t get to leave. Steffy thinks the video is self-explanatory, and Eric wonders if it’s from ages ago. Quinn pipes up that it seems recent and points out Beth’s baby monitor in the background. Ridge sputters that this has to be a joke. Katie fumes – she can’t do this again! Brooke pleads that she was distraught over Thomas. Ridge hollers about her knowing how he and Katie feel about Bill. When asked, Brooke admits she saw the video earlier but didn’t want to ruin the party. Katie scoffs, “The party?!” Ridge tells Brooke this is a slap in the face. He can’t unsee it and wonders why she does these things. Ridge smashes the photo frame. Katie screams at Brooke, who insists Bill adores her. Brooke appeals to Ridge – she wants to make things right. He wonders what else there is to say. Katie blurts, “You got caught!” Brooke cries that she was vulnerable; Bill was being a friend – she knew Thomas was up to something. Bill interjects that he went to see Brooke because Ridge refused to listen to her about his psycho son. Ridge questions how it led to him making out with his wife. Bill comforted her and they got swept up. Katie muses about him showing compassion…it looked like passion to her. Ridge hauls off and punches Bill, then tells Brooke, “I’m done.” He wonders where the video came from and why someone wanted them to see it. Brooke knows she’s hurt two people she loves most in the world, but Bill was only comforting her – he doesn’t want her. Ridge is her soulmate and she needs him to say he understands and forgives her.
Donna, Steffy react to punch Bold and Beautiful

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At Flo’s place, she guesses her mother is disappointed Ridge is getting back with Brooke and that’s why she wants to leave town. Shauna says that may be part of it, but she wants to get back to what she knows. She’s leaving today. Flo complains it’s so sudden. Shauna will visit on her birthday. Flo thought they were putting down roots together and believes she’s running away. She understands why Shauna fell so hard for Ridge and she wants to skip town to get over him, but wants her to stay. Shauna has to go. Flo thinks if she stayed, she could meet somebody else. Shauna needs a change and assures Flo she’ll be okay – it’s only a matter of time before she’s embraced by her Logan family. Shauna allowed herself to fall for Ridge too hard – if he only knew… Flo senses something else happened and asks what’s really going on. Shauna concedes something did happen…between Brooke and Bill. She doesn’t think Brooke’s committed to Ridge.
Shauna leaving town Bold and Beautiful

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Shauna tells Flo why she’s leaving Los Angeles.

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