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At Brooke’s house, Katie asks Bill to be on his best behavior – Brooke and Ridge are excited about their reunion and they should be too. Bridget arrives and Donna hugs her. Ridge and Steffy feel Brooke will be happy to see her and wonder why she’s not there yet.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn invites Brooke to expose herself – either way, she gets what she wants. Brooke states Shauna shouldn’t have been snooping. Quinn reiterates that Shauna went to the cabin encourage her to reconcile with Ridge. Brooke is confident about telling Ridge the truth and showing everyone that Quinn is the person she’s been warning them about. After Brooke goes, Eric arrives and wants Quinn to get past her differences with Brooke…starting with the party. Quinn’s looking forward to it very much.

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In her apartment, Shauna flashes to discussing the video of Brooke and Bill kissing with Quinn, who calls her to try to convince her not to leave town. Shauna promised to be Ridge’s friend and won’t derail his marriage. She asks Quinn to tell Ridge she said goodbye, then disconnects and sits thinking about Ridge until Flo arrives. Shauna breaks the news she’s going back to Vegas. Flo guesses she’s leaving because she’s heartbroken over Ridge. Shauna insists it’s the right thing for her to do.
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Brooke arrives at home and greets Ridge, then Bridget – having her there will make the celebration even more wonderful. Donna shoots a dirty look at Bill, who’s puzzled. In a moment alone, Brooke updates Donna that they were right about Quinn uploading the video of her and Bill kissing to the picture frame, but it was Shauna who took it. Donna worries this is really, really bad. Brooke shares that she’ll tell Ridge the truth – he kissed Shauna many times. She and Ridge are back together and will stay that way.
Bridget greets Brooke Bold and Beautiful

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Later at Brooke’s, as the guests mingle, Steffy tells Brooke she’s glad he and Ridge are back together. Bridget is supportive as well. When Brooke walks off, Bill follows her and complains that Donna keeps eyeing him. Brooke whispers that she knows about their kiss as Quinn enters with Eric, beaming, and asking if they’re interrupting something. Quinn crosses the room where Ridge is holding the photo frame, which isn’t working. Quinn croons her disappointment – she’s sure there are things on there they’d all like to see. After, Brooke tells Ridge she needs to talk to him about something alone…later. He’s still frustrated about the picture frame and tries resetting it from his phone, which works. Quinn smiles from ear-to-ear as he places it on the table. As Katie makes a toast to Brooke and Ridge, Donna frantically signals Brooke about the photo frame. Suddenly, the video appears and Steffy asks, “What’s that?” as Katie gawps, “Bill? Is that you and Brooke?” Ridge fumes, “Logan?!” Quinn takes it all in.
Brooke panic tears Bold and Beautiful

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