Quinn, Brooke face off Bold and Beautiful

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy asks if things are good with Ridge and Brooke. Ridge beams in response and recaps that Brooke was right about Thomas. Starting now, he won’t question anything Brooke tells him. Steffy assures him she’ll come to Brooke’s party; Kelly’s with Liam and Hope. Ridge mentions Bill will be there since Katie’s in love with him.
Steffy, Ridge talk office Bold and Beautiful

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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke informs Quinn this attack on her marriage won’t work. “The digital picture frame…I know what you did.” Quinn thinks Eric will be very upset about these accusations. Brooke counters Eric will be angry at what Quinn’s done. Quinn questions her kissing the man her sister loves. Brooke calls her shameless. Quinn laughs, “I’m shameless?!” Brooke demands to know how she got the video and wants answers. Quinn thinks Ridge will want answers too. Brooke asks is she’s been spying on her. Quinn was home with Eric and scoffs, “Payback is a…you.” Brooke deduces that Shauna took the recording to break up her marriage. Quinn smirks. Brooke sneers that she’s a crazy interloper and warns she’ll fight back hard – nobody will come between Ridge and her. Quinn says Shauna went to the cabin to defend her marriage. Brooke wants Shauna to delete the video. Quinn informs her Shauna erased it and didn’t upload it. Brooke knows Quinn did it and sneers, “You conniving witch.” Quinn teases about exposing her scandal at her reunion party – the irony! She feels sorry for Ridge and Katie. Brooke explains she and Bill got caught up, but it meant nothing. Quinn questions if she’s even thought about Katie, who will be devastated, and Ridge, who will be torn apart. She’s betrayed them – again. Brooke asks what she’s after. Quinn wants respect and for Brooke to leave Ridge and Los Angeles. Brooke won’t be blackmailed; she’ll tell Ridge the truth herself. Ridge and Eric will see how despicable Quinn is and she’ll be the one walking away.

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In Brooke’s living room, Donna flashes to confronting Brooke about kissing Bill. Katie enters and asks if she’s okay. Donna covers. Katie indicates the digital photo frame she’s holding – is that the gift Ridge gave Brooke. Donna worries as she tries to turn it on, but Bill arrives. Donna watches them together and Bill thinks she’s looking at him kind of strangely. Donna claims she’s distracted by all the things they have to do. Katie gushes about Brooke and Ridge’s legendary love. Donna adds, “Just like Katie is your one and only, right Bill?” Soon, Ridge and Steffy arrive and wonder where Brooke went. Katie explains Donna won’t tell them. Bill notes there wouldn’t be any need for reconciliation if Ridge had supported his wife. Katie pulls Bill away, and Ridge asks Donna where the digital picture frame is.
Donna talks to Katie Bold and Beautiful

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