Dr Escobar, Sally feeling pressed with Wyatt Bold and Beautiful

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In the Forrester living room, Quinn watches the video of Bill and Brooke and smiles. Ridge enters – he’s getting some stuff to move back in with Brooke. Quinn asks if he’s sure he wants to do that. Ridge becomes irritated and mentions Brooke’s loyalty before carrying on with his task.

At home, Flo tells Shauna she hopes Sally opens up and tells Wyatt about her illness. She’s happy he’s there for her and trusts him. Shauna doesn’t want to see Flo get hurt – sometimes people can surprise you. Flo learns Ridge and Brooke are back together, but Thomas may not be their only issue.

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At the beach house, Sally realizes Wyatt’s not surprised to hear she’s dying and asks, “You knew, didn’t you?” Wyatt nods. Sally guesses Katie told him and demands to know if he’s been ‘pretending’ to leave Flo and come back to her. “I need to know the truth!” Wyatt protests that he wants to be there for her. Sally counters he felt sorry for her. Wyatt concedes that he exaggerated a bit about Flo. Sally realizes she knows too – they’ve made her a charity case. “You and Flo aren’t even broken up, are you?” Wyatt sighs. “No.” Sally supposes he planned to go back to her after she died and rants that she can’t believe she was so stupid. She tries to storm out but falls. Dr. Escobar frets about stress. Wyatt insists Sally stay there – she can’t go through this alone. Sally decides she’s lucky to have him. Wyatt wants her to keep fighting and urges her to listen to her doctor. Once he leaves, Sally confronts the doctor – what does she want her to do, catch up with Wyatt and tell him the truth – that the whole thing is a scam and she is not dying?!
Sally defiant Bold and Beautiful

At Forrester Creations, Eric’s chuffed to hear from Brooke that she’s back with Ridge. He thinks this time is forever. She thinks so too and is glad he never filed the divorce papers. They discuss the gift Ridge gave her – he gave Eric a link to the app to upload photos to the digital photo album. Brooke can’t wait to see what he puts on it. Brooke snarks about Shauna and Eric chuckles that she sounds like Stephanie. Brooke takes it as a compliment. She agrees to be civil to Quinn. Eric insists she’s a big supporter of her and Ridge. Brooke’s skeptical.

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Eric joins Quinn at home, where they discuss Brooke and Ridge’s reconciliation. Eric mentions the digital photo frame Ridge gave Brooke and shows her he’s uploading photos directly to it.
Eric, Quinn chat martinis Bold and Beautiful

At Brooke’s house, she and Ridge admire the photos already loaded on the digital photo frame. While they’re kissing, the video of Brooke and Bill appears on it, unseen.

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn grins gleefully, having uploaded the incriminating video.

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