It’s a new day and Eric and Donna enjoy some alone time in Eric’s office. Donna says this is the best morning she’s had in a long time. She knew he wanted time, but she didn’t want to give it to him. However, it was worth the wait if he is sure about her. Eric says he will give her an answer and Donna tells him she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Donna asks him if he knows what he wants and Eric just smiles. Donna realizes that Eric is worried about telling Stephanie he’s chosen Donna and Eric says she is very important to him. Donna understands because they have history together, but Eric tells her they have history too. Donna is happy to hear him say that and says her wonderful morning keeps getting better and better. They reminisce about their good and crazy times together and Eric says it’s a wonderful ride with her. Donna thinks it’s just the beginning and they can pick up where they left off. Eric doesn’t think it will be that easy, but Donna says being with him has never been easy because she’s been trashed by the press and his family. She says she would rather have a lifetime of those challenges than spend one more day without him. Eric tells Donna she was wonderful during those tough times and he’s really proud of her. The phone rings and Eric has to leave to go to the cutting room. Donna tells him they are just one decision from spending the rest of their lives together.

Katie comes to see Owen and asks if Donna is in yet. Owen hasn’t seen her, but Katie saw her car in the parking lot. She thinks maybe she’s in Eric’s office and Katie wonders if Eric is testing her having Owen hanging around. Owen doesn’t think Eric can make Donna happy and Katie tells him to back off. Katie tells Owen to respect that Donna is in love with Eric, but Owen doesn’t think she’s getting any respect from Eric. Owen thinks Donna will never be happy with Eric and says he needs to make his move.

Stephanie looks at photos of her and Eric in the living room and Thorne comes in. Stephanie tells her son that Eric hasn’t told them his decision yet, but she did walk in on Eric and Donna kissing. Thorne can’t believe that Eric could choose Donna over her, but Stephanie tells him it is what it is. Thorne won’t accept it and he never will! Stephanie doesn't want to give up, but she feels like she’s done everything she can. Thorne says he won’t give up and he will talk to Eric. Stephanie appreciates his support and Thorne tells her he won’t let Eric give her up.

Thorne comes to Eric’s office and opens up the laptop revealing Owen's office. He gets word that the callbacks for models are in his office and before he leaves, Thorne tells Madison to call Eric and tell his father that he needs to see him right away.

On the rooftop, Eric sits at a table and wonders what he’s waiting for. He thinks he needs to call Donna and tell her she is his future. Ashley calls him from the airport to tell him she appreciates the time off he gave her to figure things out. Eric hopes she’s coming back, but Ashley tells him she is resigning. Eric is disappointed and Ashley tells him she is reinventing herself. She’s going to London so she can pack her things up and get her daughter and move back to Genoa City. She tells Eric that she and Victor have found their way back to each other and she needs to figure out who they are to each other now. She thanks him for all the opportunities he gave her. Eric tells her it was his joy and asks her keep in touch.

Katie comes to see Stephanie to see if she needs a friend or someone to talk to. She thinks it’s only a matter of time for Eric and Donna to get back together and Stephanie gets defensive. Katie thinks Eric and Donna are going to end up together, but Stephanie says what she and Eric built was substantial and was supposed to last a lifetime. She blames Donna for ruining their relationship and tells Katie she can leave. Katie apologizes for upsetting her and Stephanie wonders why she came over. Katie says if Eric has made his choice there is nothing she can do to change his mind. There’s nothing anyone can do.

Thorne and Eric argue over Eric’s decision and Eric orders Throne to take the camera in Owen’s office down and to not tell anyone what they did. Thorne tries to get Eric to change his mind, but while Eric values Stephanie, he wants to be with Donna. Thorne grabs the laptop and points out that Donna is alone with Owen in his office right now and once the camera is gone he won’t be able to watch what they’re doing anymore. Thorne tells Eric to look at the computer and Eric sees Donna and Owen in a close moment. Eric thinks Donna isn’t interested, but Thorne points out she hasn’t left the room. Eric doesn’t think Donna will jeopardize their marriage, but Throne isn’t so sure. They watch as Owen locks the door and then the two of them start kissing. Eric yells at the computer, “No! Donna! No!” and throws things off his desk as Owen and Donna get busy.

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