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Brooke awakens alone in her bedroom, but Ridge enters with breakfast in bed. Brooke’s glad he didn’t file the divorce papers. Ridge beats himself up for not listening to her about Thomas – it won’t happen again. Brooke tells Ridge about Hope and Liam’s cabin wedding. Talk turns back to their own reconciliation. Brooke knows Shauna won’t like it. Ridge is committed to Brooke, and only Brooke. She returns the sentiment. Ridge presents Brooke with a gift – a digital picture frame to fill with memories of their life together. Brooke loves it. They start kissing.

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn updates Shauna on the events of the wedding and grumps that Brooke must be patting herself on the back for being right about Thomas. Shauna’s sure Ridge is upset about his son. She knows he’s ‘all in’ his relationship with Brooke, but she’s not certain Brooke is. Quinn rants about Brooke working her way through the Forrester men, then betraying her sister with Bill. Shauna confides she saw something that makes her very concerned for Ridge. She asks about Brooke and Bill’s history and wonders if she’s worthy of Ridge. Shauna pulls out her phone and shows Quinn a video of Brooke and Bill kissing the night before Thomas and Zoe’s wedding. Quinn looks both scandalized and gleeful. Shauna asks, “How committed can she be to Ridge when she’s making out with Bill?”
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At Spencer Publications, Bill and Katie discuss Wyatt and Sally. He has to hand it to his son – this can’t be easy for him given how he feels about Flo. Katie wishes Sally would come clean with Wyatt. Bill acknowledges Ridge did a nice thing for Sally at Forrester Creations. He feels Katie has truly made Sally’s final days better. Katie teases about him realizing what an amazing person she is. He laughs that she’d have to be to put up with him. Katie gushes about his love and support, and Wyatt’s for Sally. After, Bill flashes to kissing Brooke, then looks at a photo of Katie and Will.

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In the beach house, Wyatt, in a chef’s hat, tells Sally he’ll get her whatever she wants. She already has that being back there. Sally doesn’t have much appetite and explains being with Wyatt is all she needs. When Wyatt’s back is turned, Sally spills orange juice while trying to pour it with shaking hands. Wyatt cleans it up as Sally gets a text from Dr. Escobar, (played by Monica Ruiz), to call – they need to talk right away. Sally covers when Wyatt asks about her text. When she gets another text, he questions her again. Sally insists everything’s fine. While Wyatt’s showering, Sally takes a call from Dr. Escobar, who implores her to come and talk to her – she’s handling this wrong. Sally doesn’t want a life coach, says, “Leave me alone,” and disconnects.
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