Hope, Liam marry Douglas Bold and Beautiful

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In the cabin, Liam and Hope enthuse that the wedding is on as Douglas shows off his homemade ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ t-shirts. Hope can’t think of anything more meaningful than exchanging vows there with the family they fought so hard for. She explains to Douglas they need an officiant and Douglas decides he can do it. Liam and Hope declare, “We’re having a wedding tonight.” While Hope changes, Liam asks Douglas if he has anything to get off his chest about his dad. The boy observes he was doing bad things. Liam says he’s still his dad and urges him to come to him and talk if he needs to. Hope’s ready so Liam plays the wedding march and she emerges from the bedroom holding a bouquet of wildflowers. Douglas welcomes her to her wedding and Beth laughs in her highchair. Douglas begins his ceremony and prompts them to say something to one another. They reflect on the year of obstacles they’ve had, but feel fortunate they got Douglas out of it. Liam is proud and grateful to become Hope’s husband. Hope expresses love for the kids, then tells Liam he’s the best man she knows. He makes her feel incredibly loved. “You have my heart forever.” Douglas adds he and Beth are happy to have them as parents and promise to eat their vegetables. Liam produces rings, which they exchange along with pledges. Douglas ‘announces’ them husband and wife. They kiss, then celebrate. Douglas exclaims that they’re a family now.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt comes in on Bill daydreaming about Brooke again. Bill updates Wyatt that Liam and Brooke’s instincts about Thomas were dead on all along. Wyatt gets a recap of what happened at the wedding and Bill explains how they conspired to take Thomas down. He predicts Douglas will be fine with Hope, Liam, and Beth.
Bill at his desk Bold and Beautiful

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Ridge knocks on Brooke’s bedroom door. She pulls him inside. “Get in here.” Ridge says she looks amazing and Brooke welcomes him home. Ridge wishes they could stay in there for a month and apologizes to her – she was right about Thomas all along and he didn’t listen. “I’m sorry.” He really believed his son was over his obsession to Hope. Brooke knows it’s difficult for Ridge. He laments being a husband who didn’t listen to his wife – he’ll never doubt her again. They’re about to kiss when the phone rings. Ridge goes for a shower and Brooke answers – it’s Bill. He wants to discuss their kiss, but Brooke warns, “Not another word, okay. I’ve got to go.” She disconnects, and when Ridge emerges from the shower, he and Brooke express their love and how grateful they are for one another.
Ridge, Brooke romantic reunion Bold and Beautiful

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