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In the Forrester living room, Zoe warns Thomas not to dare leave her at the altar. Carter asks Thomas, “Who will it be?” Thomas tells Zoe he’s sorry, but Hope’s the mother of his child. Zoe slaps him. Thomas tells Hope she’s made him the happiest man in the world. Brooke pleads with Hope not to marry Thomas. Thomas knows Hope’s there to complete their family. He embraces her. Hope states the only reason she’s wearing the gown is to expose him. She shoves him away. “Steffy told Liam and I everything!” Hope confronts him about using Zoe and Douglas. Zoe interjects that he won’t be marrying either of them now. She seethes that it was all an act – he was praying Hope would come in here and stop the ceremony! Zoe is thankful Hope saved her from him. Thomas insists they can still be married. Zoe will never be anyone’s consolation prize. Shaking, she intones, “You should be disgusted with yourself.”
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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt and Bill discuss Brooke and Liam sounding the alarm about Thomas for a while now. Bill marvels that Ridge would rather throw away his wife than see the truth about his son. He’s glad Hope’s stepped in with Douglas now that Caroline’s gone – the less involved Thomas is in the boy’s life, the better.
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In the Forrester living room, Steffy stops Thomas’ attempt at explaining himself. She describes how Hope came up with her plan and rants that their dad almost gave up his marriage to Brooke over this. Thomas protests that Douglas wants him to be a family with Hope. Douglas appears and Thomas implores him to speak on his behalf. Vinny stands and yells about Thomas using his son. Hope had a long talk with Douglas earlier and he knew what was going to happen. Douglas says it was bad of him to lie to Hope and Zoe. Thomas exclaims he was doing it all for him! Liam snarks that you don’t use your kid as a lure, and Brooke tells Thomas it’s time for accountability. Douglas informs his dad he wants to be with Hope, Liam and Beth. Eric and Quinn are disappointed. Liam states Thomas is just as bad as he ever was – he’ll protect Douglas. Thomas fumes, “You will not take my son away from me.” Liam says they can give him the family he deserves. Brooke is proud of Hope and Zoe. Ridge apologizes to Brooke for not listening. Ridge will always love Thomas, but roars, “You played me.” Thomas tears up as Ridge asks what is wrong with him – he can’t even look at him. Hope doesn’t even know if his tears are real. Thomas insists he loves her. Hope is done with him. She will raise Douglas as Thomas doesn’t deserve him. “You will never have me, Thomas.” Thomas leaves. Hope and Liam embrace Douglas.
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