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In the Forrester living room, Vinny remarks that Carter’s officiated over a lot of weddings there. Quinn quips that Carter should give a discount for repeat customers. Nearby, Steffy and Liam whisper about Thomas’ plan to guilt trip Hope through Douglas. Liam remarks that she really loves that kid. Steffy asks, “Do you think she’ll crack and marry Thomas?” Upstairs, Ridge hurries Thomas, who is listening to Hope reassuring Douglas and wants to give them another minute. In another room, Zoe asks Brooke to tell the guests she needs another minute – this is all happening fast, and she wants everything to go right.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill is daydreaming about kissing Brooke when Wyatt walks in. Bill grumps that Thomas has put Brooke and her family through hell – someone has to stop him. Wyatt agrees Thomas is a psycho. Bill complains the Dressmaker can’t see it. They debate whether Thomas has Douglas ramped up enough to make Hope stop the wedding.
Bill vents to Wyatt Bold and Beautiful

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At the Forrester mansion, the guests take their seats. Vinny asks Thomas what Hope and Douglas are doing down there and says if Hope won’t stop the wedding, Thomas has to – he can’t marry Zoe when he doesn’t love her! Thomas grins; he’s confident Hope won’t let it happen. Thomas takes his place at the altar and Zoe appears as the Wedding March begins. Zoe joins Thomas and Carter begins the ceremony. Douglas becomes upset and runs upstairs. Hope shoots a look at Thomas and follows him. Carter says if they need to stop, they can. Zoe blurts, “No!” Thomas thinks they should wait, but Ridge feels they should continue without Douglas. Thomas wants Douglas to feel a part of the ceremony. Zoe is ready to make the commitment and wants to keep going. Carter asks if anyone else objects to this union. Vinny looks down. Carter continues and Zoe says her vows to Thomas – he was kind to her when she had no one else and that connection became something else. Thomas glances toward the staircase as Zoe continues making promises about being a wife and mother. When she finishes, Carter prompts Thomas to say his vows. Thomas looks warily at the stairs again, then tells Zoe he’s feeling overwhelmed before finally expressing his commitment. Carter moves on to the rings. Thomas gulps and asks to stop for minute – he really wanted Douglas to a part of this. Liam smirks. Steffy and Carter prompt Thomas to continue. Thomas looks vaguely panicked as they move forward. Vinny’s eyes bulge as the rings are exchanged, and Brooke whispers to Liam that perhaps they were wrong about this. Thomas is on the verge of saying, “I do,” when Hope appears in her wedding gown holding Douglas’ hand.
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