Hope day of reckoning Bold and Beautiful
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In the cabin, Bill and Brooke kiss as someone watches from outside. After, Brooke asks, “Where did that come from?” Bill replies, “The heart.” Brooke reminds him he can’t kiss her – he’s in love with her sister. Bill explains he got caught up and is committed to Katie and their life together. Talk turns to Ridge, and Bill says he sired a monster. Brooke feels validated. Bill thinks Thomas has proven he has no conscience; she’s right to be worried about Hope. He will root for Brooke to get back with Ridge if that makes her happy. Brooke’s concerned about her sister. Bill advises, “Don’t be.” Though he’s not entirely unhappy about the kiss. They agree to keep it a secret.
Brooke after kiss Bold and Beautiful

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Upstairs, at the Forrester mansion, Thomas tells Douglas he has to convince Hope to marry him. They’ll practice more in the morning. Douglas goes to get his pajamas on. Downstairs, Zoe chats with Eric, Quinn and Ridge about the wedding. Ridge leaves for the office. Thomas appears to check on plans. Zoe explains Quinn’s in charge. Quinn says their wedding will be one to remember. Thomas agrees – tomorrow is going to be the best day of his life. Eric and Quinn step out and Thomas and Zoe canoodle as Douglas appears. Thomas says his son will make tomorrow the best day ever. Zoe speaks kindly to Douglas about marrying his dad before leaving. Douglas repeats he doesn’t want to Zoe to be his mom. Thomas says she will be, unless he can convince Hope to marry him instead. “Make it happen, Douglas. Our future depends on it.”
Thomas best day ever Bold and Beautiful

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At the cliff house, Hope thanks Steffy for telling the truth; it couldn’t have been easy. Steffy says it was the right thing to do. “You two deserve your life together.” Liam informs Hope he’s coming home to their little family. Hope thanks him for including Douglas. Liam regrets issuing the ultimatum. Steffy warns Thomas isn’t done – she’s concerned the wedding to Zoe is a manipulation to get Hope. They all agree they can’t let Zoe marry him…they have to stop the wedding. Hope intones, “It’s time to turn the tables.” She wants to expose Thomas at his wedding and seethes, “Tomorrow is Thomas’ day of reckoning.”
Steffy apology Bold and Beautiful

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At Forrester Creations, Shauna visits Ridge again. He explains he’s just back from a meeting on Thomas’ wedding. Shauna admires his latest design. He asks, “You want it?” Shauna gushes her thanks and Ridge offers her a drink. He talks about his reunion with Brooke riding on Thomas’ wedding.

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In the cabin, Brooke gets a text that Hope will be home soon, then takes a call from Ridge, who looks forward to getting back to their old life after Thomas weds Zoe. Brooke would like that, she feels lost without him. She states her love and commitment has never wavered as they sign off.

At home, Shauna looks at Ridge’s photo on her phone.

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