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At Steffy’s house, she explains she had to tell Hope the truth. Liam and Steffy insist Thomas is still manipulating and hasn’t moved on. Hope doesn’t think Steffy has either – she’s the master of lies and manipulation. Steffy implores Hope – she has to forgive Liam. Hope doesn’t have to do anything Steffy tells her. Steffy and Liam agree Zoe has to be told. Liam tells Hope they can be a family again…with Douglas. Steffy interjects that they can give her nephew the stability her brother cannot. Liam apologizes for kissing Steffy and proposes to Hope again. Hope says, “Yes.” They kiss jubilantly as Steffy smiles while tearing up.

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At the cabin, Thomas is coaching Douglas on becoming a family with Hope when Brooke arrives. She assumes Thomas has a lot to do to get ready for his wedding to Zoe. Bill arrives and tickles Douglas before Thomas and the boy leave. Bill and Brooke discuss Thomas’ wedding – neither believes it’s real. Brooke muses that perhaps Thomas will prove them wrong and they’ll be able to move on. Bill quips, “Tooth fairy, Brooke!” Brooke appreciates his ability to make her smile. Bill tells her she’s never alone as he places his hands over hers. Brooke thanks him for stopping by. He’ll always look out for her. “Just because we’re not together anymore doesn’t mean I don’t still lo…” Bill stops. They didn’t do marriage well, but he’ll care about her until the day he dies. They go over Ridge’s treatment of Brooke regarding Thomas. Bill feels Thomas is a monster – he’ll protect her and her daughter if Ridge won’t. They embrace, then start kissing. Outside, someone watches.
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Shauna brings Ridge coffee at Forrester Creations. He always has time for her and asks her to stay. Talk turns to Thomas’ wedding. Ridge says it’s a relief his son is getting married and hopes it will allay suspicions – Brooke still doesn’t believe he’s over his obsession with Hope. Shauna learns that Brooke said she’d accept Thomas if he goes through with the wedding, but he’s not so sure. Shauna thinks the ceremony tomorrow will change everything. Ridge admires her ‘glass half full’ outlook and complains Brooke’s pessimistic. Shauna’s certain she knows a man like him only comes around once in a lifetime – he’s special and hot.

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At home, Thomas tells Vinny by phone that he designed a wedding dress for Hope…for when they get married again. Zoe walks in and questions him. “Who’s getting married again?” Thomas disconnects and covers that he planned for them to have a second wedding ceremony on the beach. Zoe loves the idea. She hugs him but looks puzzled. Zoe has to discuss details with Quinn and Eric. Thomas says, “Whatever my bride wants, my bride gets.” They kiss. Later, alone, Thomas thinks about marrying Hope.
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