Liam, Hope, Steffy confession Bold and Beautiful
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At the cliffhouse, Steffy confirms to Liam that Thomas orchestrated the kiss between them that Zoe saw. Steffy tearfully apologizes – she feels terrible and has felt guilty since it happened. She confirms he was right about Thomas all along. Steffy feels what she did to Hope and Liam was unfair; they deserve to be together. She warns Thomas will do anything to get Hope back.

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In the cabin, Hope argues that Douglas needs more time to process his marriage plans. Thomas says they’re ready, the dress is ready, and it’s happening. He warns again that Zoe will be a huge part of Douglas’ life. Hope checks on Beth and Thomas grins to himself. Douglas enters and Thomas tells him the only thing that will stop him from marrying Zoe would be if Hope married him instead. He urges the boy to make it happen. Hope reappears and Douglas tells her he wants her to marry his daddy tomorrow instead. “Please!” Douglas implores that they could all be so happy together if she would just say yes. Hope gets a call from Liam to come to Steffy’s house – their future depends on it. Hope disconnects and allows Thomas to watch Beth so she can run out.
Douglas, Thomas talk Bold and Beautiful

At Flo’s place, she fills Shauna in on her and Wyatt’s reasoning for making Sally’s last days happy. Talk turns to Shauna’s interest in Ridge. Shauna recaps that their one hurdle is Thomas. They discuss Thomas and Zoe’s impending marriage. Flo ponders if Thomas can be trusted and Shauna questions if he’ll go through with the wedding. Flo warns Ridge may get back with Brooke if he does. Shauna would be happy for him, it’s what he wants. Once alone, Shauna flashes through memories of Ridge.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge updates Brooke that they’ve reason to celebrate as Thomas is getting married to Zoe tomorrow, then can’t understand why she’s not excited. Brooke is concerned this is a ploy to get Hope. Ridge feels she’s stubborn and asks her to meet him in the middle. He misses her! They embrace. Brooke gets a message that Hope wants her to relieve Thomas from watching Beth. Ridge wants to be back in Brooke’s bed after Thomas marries Zoe tomorrow.
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In the cabin, Thomas tells Douglas he thinks Hope will realizes she’s been completely wrong about him.

In Steffy’s living room, she agrees to be the one to tell Hope. She did want to kiss Liam, but wouldn’t want him back like this. Hope arrives and Steffy blurts, “It’s my fault,” and appeals to Hope to take Liam back after she hears her out. Hope learns how Thomas was involved in Steffy and Liam’s kiss, which was a manipulation. “Liam didn’t betray you. He loves you. He’s always loved you.”

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