Thorne and Eric watch as Owen tries to seduce Donna. Eric wishes he had Thorne put in a microphone, but Thorne provides his own dialogue for his father, “It goes something like this. ‘Lets get naked!’” Donna pushes Owen away and tells him to stop coming on to her. Eric is thrilled at seeing Donna walk away from Owen, but Thorne is still skeptical. Donna tells Owen she won’t betray her husband and that nothing is going to happen between them. She asks him to respect her relationship with Eric and Owen says fine. Donna leaves his office and Eric is convinced of Donna’s loyalty. He tells his son that Donna passed the test and that he will never question Donna’s love for him again.

Rick drags Steffy back into his office, but she resists him. Rick apologizes for kissing her, but Steffy just yells at him because she’s dating Marcus and he dated her mother and sister. She calms down a bit and Rick says he’s been lonely since Taylor dumped him and she reminds him of her. Steffy thinks that’s ‘messed up’, but Rick thinks she should be flattered explaining that she’s smart, strong and feisty like her mother. Steffy thinks Rick is working her, but Rick insists he’s not; he’s just still getting over Taylor dumping him. Steffy’s phone rings and it’s Marcus. He tells her he’s in Paris, but he’s confused as to why Rick sent him there. However, he thinks he’s lucky, but that it’s almost too good to be true. Steffy hangs up with Marcus and yells at Rick about sending Marcus out of the country because she knows it’s all part of his plan to use her. Steffy makes it clear that she won’t be used and Rick explains that he was devastated when Taylor broke up with him. He blames Ridge for it and says he hates him for taking Taylor away from him, for messing with his family as a kid and for hurting Brooke over the years. Steffy feels bad for Rick, but says blaming Ridge is a copout and kissing her was wrong. Rick apologizes and Steffy asks what happened to him because he used to be such a good guy. Steffy used to think he was cool and she was happy he and her mother were together, but now he’s this power hungry person and he’s losing the good guy he once was. Rick says Taylor did a number on him and he blames Ridge for it. He’s trying to make a powerful impression and he wants to do right by Eric, but he feels like he’s doing it alone and that he doesn’t have a friend in the world. Steffy says she could be his friend, but she doesn’t want to be used again and she doesn’t want to see his rage destroy him.

Donna soaks in a bubble bath with an eye mask on and there’s a knock at the door. She thinks it’s Eric and invites him to join her, but it’s Stephanie who starts to give Donna a massage, which Donna enjoys. Stephanie rolls her eyes as Donna asks “Eric” to give her a kiss. Stephanie pushes Donna under the water and Donna is shocked to see Stephanie standing there. Donna wonders what she’s doing there and Stephanie says she was looking for Eric.

Eric and Thorne argue about Donna and Thorne tells his father that he never had to question Stephanie’s loyalty. Eric says he has a profound love and respect for Stephanie, but Donna has brought something wonderful to his life. He calls his secretary and instructs her to call his lawyer first thing in the morning to stop the divorce proceedings. He then tells Thorne that he loves Donna and that they will spend the rest of their lives together.

Thorne looks through a book of models’ headshots and Eric walks back into the office. He tells Thorne that he’s going to share his decision with Stephanie and Donna, but Thorne asks him not to do it tonight, worried that Stephanie will just be kicked out.

As Donna and Stephanie cattily argue, Eric walks in. Both women tell him something needs to change and Eric agrees with them. Stephanie instructs Donna to put some clothes on and Donna leaves to do so. Stephanie tells Eric it’s his decision to make, but that she does love him. Donna comes back in sexy lingerie, much to Stephanie’s irritation and the phone rings. Stephanie goes to answer it and Donna tells Eric that Stephanie is getting very strange and explains what just happened. She hates being in the same house with Stephanie, but she doesn’t want to leave. She asks Eric to tell her that she belongs there and wonders why he’s making her wait. Eric kisses her and a devastated Stephanie returns to see it.

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