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In Forrester Creations design office, Sally protests to Katie that she can’t give Wyatt the life he expects. Katie argues she can give him memories. Sally retorts, “Of what, being my hospice nurse?” She feels he would pity her. Katie blurts, “He doesn’t pity you,” then stammers, “Or he wouldn’t…if he knew.” Sally asks Katie if she told Wyatt she is dying – she has to be able to trust her. Katie counters she’s going to continue to encourage her to tell people and wonders how she envisions the end – alone in a hospital room. Sally won’t make anyone watch her die. Katie implores her to let Wyatt take care of her for whatever time she has left.
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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt, Flo, and Bill debate whether Katie will be able to convince Sally to move into the beach house. Wyatt worries Sally may be chewing her out – she might have seen right through him. If that’s the case, Sally will run. Bill admits he’s impressed with both Wyatt and Flo and is glad they’ll have each other when all of this is over. Wyatt states Katie had to get through to Sally. Bill thinks Sally has the right to die however she wants. Wyatt gets a text that Sally wants to see him at the beach house and shares a farewell kiss with Flo before leaving.
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At Forrester, Katie observes that Sally’s shaking is getting worse. Sally receives a text back from Wyatt, but she still doesn’t know what she’ll tell him. Katie urges her to move in with him and live her life without worrying about explaining anything. Sally tears up; she doesn’t want to be alone at the end of her life, but has to be realistic. Later, Flo joins Katie, having snuck into the building. Katie says she’s welcome there. They discuss whether Sally will move in with Wyatt. Katie shares Sally hopes to be in Wyatt’s arms at the end. Flo hopes that happens. Katie questions if it bothers her. Flo feels secure in Wyatt’s love and thinks he’ll make Sally’s last days happy and peaceful.

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Wyatt is thinking about happy times with Sally in the beach house when she arrives. Sally explains his request came out of nowhere. Wyatt explains his feelings for her never went away. Sally asks if he’s sure he’s over Flo. Wyatt hesitates – Flo is important to him, that will never change, but he wants to focus on Sally. Sally believes he loves her and agrees to stay – she wants to be there with him for as long as she can. They embrace, share memories, and decide to live in the now. Sally marvels that this is really happening. They kiss. She tells Wyatt he just gave her a life worth living.
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