Thomas proposes to Zoe Bold and Beautiful
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At the cliffhouse, Steffy relays that Thomas’ dinner is about bringing Zoe into the family – he knows they’re reluctant to trust her so he’s going the extra mile. Liam’s skeptical and says, “You don’t really believe that.” Steffy wants to believe it and suggests Liam come along, maybe he’ll believe it too. Amelia arrives to babysit, and they fill her in on Thomas’ dinner to show off his new girlfriend. Liam isn’t convinced the relationship is real. Amelia has always had a crush on him. Liam advises, “I’d steer clear.” Steffy shoots him a look as he opines that Thomas isn’t over Hope.
Liam, Steffy discuss Hope Bold and Beautiful

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn and Eric welcome Zoe as Ridge and Brooke hang out in the living room. Upstairs, Thomas listens as Douglas tells Hope he just wanted to have dinner with the two of them and Beth. He doesn’t want to go to the party even if it means getting to stay up late. Thomas learns Zoe’s arrived and doesn’t want to keep her waiting. He exits and Douglas tells Hope that Zoe’s nice, but he wants her and Daddy to be together. Hope assures him they both adore him, and nobody can take away the love she has for him.
Douglas, Hope talk Bold and Beautiful

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Downstairs at the mansion, Thomas kisses Zoe’s neck and tells everyone Hope and Douglas will join them shortly. Zoe asks Thomas what exactly he has in store. He spots Hope and Douglas on the staircase and kisses her deeply. Douglas looks unimpressed. Liam and Steffy arrive, and Ridge says he hasn’t seen Thomas this happy in a very long time. Liam mutters to Steffy about Thomas laying it on thick. Zoe tries to chat with Douglas, who has just told Hope his tummy hurts. Brooke takes Hope and complains Thomas is using Zoe to get a reaction from her and Douglas. After, Brooke tells Thomas she came to keep an eye on him. He offers her alcohol and she narrows her eyes and calls him out on his plan. Zoe joins them and Brooke warns her she’s going to get hurt. Ridge intervenes and Thomas kisses Zoe again while everyone looks on awkwardly. In a moment alone, Quinn advises Thomas to dial it back a bit. Next, Steffy asks Thomas what he’s up to and explains this feels weird. Thomas is trying to make dreams come true. Across the room, Ridge and Brooke miss each other and go over their argument about Thomas. Liam gets a moment with Hope to question if she sees through all this. Thomas calls for everyone’s attention and talks about family. Eric and Ridge chime in. Thomas turns to Zoe and tells her she’s the key to his happiness. He drops to one knee and proposes. Douglas looks up at Hope.

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