Douglas states his mind Bold and Beautiful
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At Forrester Creations, Liam doesn’t want Zoe to trust Thomas and wants her to ask herself if she knows for a fact his feelings for her are real. Zoe feels Liam can’t be impartial where Thomas is concerned – she’s not being snowed. She explains Thomas has asked her to get to know Douglas and he has a plan for the future; she’s a part of it.
Liam grill Zoe Bold and Beautiful

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At the cliffhouse, Ridge plays with Kelly and tells Steffy that Thomas would like her to come to a dinner party at the house tonight. She asks, “What is Thomas up to now?” Ridge thinks she’s being harsh and pleads for her to give him another chance. He’s trying to put his life back together and Zoe’s part of that. When Ridge questions why she can’t trust Thomas, Steffy flashes to Thomas urging her to kiss Liam. Just then, Liam and Beth appear. Steffy dials him in on Thomas’ family dinner. Liam muses it sounds like a production. Ridge didn’t think he’d be interested. Liam says if Thomas is planning something, he’s interested. After Ridge is gone, Steffy and Liam play with the girls and talk turns to Hope seeing the kiss. Steffy feels bad. Liam says she didn’t know Hope would be standing there, and besides, it wasn’t all her. The discussion turns to Zoe. Liam warned her Thomas is using her to get to Hope. After the girls are asleep, Steffy acknowledges that Liam wants to save Hope – he always has. Liam admits it. Steffy doesn’t know how Hope turned down his proposal; she’ll never understand it.
Steffy questions her father Bold and Beautiful

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In the studio, Thomas listens to Hope reassure Douglas she’s not going anywhere and urge him to get to know Zoe. Douglas isn’t interested and says, “I won’t let anyone take your place.” Behind the clothes rack Thomas grins. He shows himself and asks Douglas what’s wrong. Hope updates him on his son’s concerns. Thomas tells Douglas to give the new thing with Zoe a chance – it’s all going to work out for them. Douglas doesn’t want to lose Mommy. Thomas explains they tried to be together, but Hope didn’t want that – she gets to decide. He can’t keep trying at something that’s never going to happen. Douglas asks, “Never?” Hope takes Thomas aside to complain about his approach. Thomas reminds her it’s reality – one day, Douglas will have another mom. Zoe appears and Thomas mentions his plans for a family dinner. Hope assumes he means with her, Douglas and Beth, but he clarifies it involves Zoe, though he wants everyone to be there. He thinks after tonight, everything they hoped for will soon come true.
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