Steffy walks in on Rick trying out which name to use as the FC president – Rick or Eric Jr. Steffy mocks him and then berates him for erasing Ridge’s name everywhere. Steffy tells Rick he’s not seen the last of her father and baits him saying, Ridge will be back with Brooke if he isn’t already. Steffy says she doesn’t have a problem with Rick; she has a problem with him having a problem with her father. Rick changes the subject saying he doesn’t want to see her wasting her time and talents in Shipping and Receiving. Steffy doesn’t think she’s that ambitious, but Rick tells her they are a lot alike, smart and driven and he wants to promote her. Dinner is brought in for two and Steffy thinks Rick is expecting someone, but Rick makes it clear it’s for her. Rick asks how it was for Steffy growing up knowing spending time with Brooke was more important to Ridge than spending time with her. He says they have more in common than she thinks and Steffy sits down to eat with him. They discuss ideas for work and Steffy asks Rick if he is even listening to her. Rick says he’s definitely paying attention and kisses her. Steffy slaps him and tells him to never put his hands on her again. Steffy storms out and Rick looks pleased with himself, saying, “A challenge. I like that.”

Brooke and Ridge bask in their post sushi buffet glow. Brooke tells him his touch is her safe place and he is her happily ever after. She wants to know what they’re waiting for on their wedding and states they don’t need anyone’s permission. Ridge says, “No Ma’am,” and kisses her. Ridge and Brooke put robes on and talk about their wedding. Brooke doesn’t want to wait because they know what they have is right between them. They discuss their past and Brooke says they never would have walked away from each other this last time if they had a commitment. She thinks they need to believe in each other and she believes in him. She says if they have that, they have everything. Ridge says he’s concerned about Rick and how he wants to keep them apart. Brooke assures Ridge he won’t be a problem, but Ridge thinks Rick does whatever he wants. Brooke hates to admit it, but she thinks Rick needed to beat Ridge at something and he did it by becoming president of FC. Brooke thinks that’s enough to satisfy him. She thinks he will leave them alone and asks Ridge to marry her. Ridge promises her the most beautiful, most romantic wedding ever. He says it’s what she deserves and what she’s going to get. Brooke says this time it will be forever and nothing will come between them ever again.

Rick stabs a magazine cover of Ridge and Brooke and says Ridge will never have his mother and he will do whatever it takes to protect her from Ridge.

Donna and Eric talk about Marcus being shipped off to Paris and Eric says Rick knows what he’s doing. Donna wonders what Eric is doing and asks what he needs to know about her that he doesn’t already. Eric just needs her to be a little more patient because he doesn’t want to make the wrong decision. Stephanie enters Eric’s office and Donna starts to leave. Stephanie shows Eric photos of the kids at Halloween and Donna looks back at their close moment.

Donna goes to see Owen and he can't believe he’s spending his time trying to find her a precious and rare orchid, even though she’s made it clear she doesn’t want him. Owen says negative things about Eric, namely that he moved in with both Donna and Steph, but Donna defends him. Owen thinks it’s insulting to her and he’s surprised that she would go along with it. He says she has a choice and she’s looking right at him.

Thorne comes to Eric’s office after Stephanie has left and asks his father why he keeps putting off getting back with Stephanie. Thorne thinks he and Stephanie just fit and opens up Eric’s laptop to see Owen and Donna. He tells Eric his surveillance of Donna proves Eric will never trust her.

Owen wonders if Donna thinks about what she’s missing with him and Donna asks, “What if I do?” Owen locks the door and tells Donna that he’s been truthful to her and never went behind her back to undermine her with Eric. He says they can do anything in this office and he won’t say a word. Owen asks Donna to let him show her how good they can be together.

As Eric and Thorne watch Owen and Donna, Eric wonders what Owen is up to. Thorne thinks it’s obvious and wonders how much more Eric needs to watch. As Owen tries to seduce Donna, Thorne urges Donna to give into him.

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