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At Forrester Creations, Ridge crows about Thomas being a hopeless romantic for throwing Zoe a party. Brooke complains he was putting on a show. Ridge is irritated and says her attitude about Thomas is the one thing keeping them apart. Brooke maintains Thomas is fooling everybody…most of all Ridge! She’s certain Thomas is doing all this to get to Hope; he’s obsessed with her. Brooke reveals she had a moment of weakness and wanted to drink because of the stress with Thomas. Ridge is concerned, but thinks she could end the conflict today. Brooke brings up Shauna. Ridge wants to be with Brooke, but doesn’t see her fighting. He can’t lose her. They kiss.
Brooke, Ridge disagree Bold and Beautiful

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In the studio, Vinny shoots Thomas an angry look as Douglas asks Hope why his daddy is kissing Zoe. Douglas doesn’t want another mommy – Hope’s his mommy. Hope reassures him. While Zoe takes a call, Vinny tells Thomas his son is freaking out and Hope’s pissed too. Thomas reiterates it’s the only way – he’s giving Douglas a family. Thomas sends Douglas upstairs with Zoe and Hope seethes, “How on earth could you do that to your son?” Thomas shrugs that it’s perfectly natural for him to kiss Zoe. Hope feels it’s something they should discuss – they’re a family. Thomas interrupts, “But we’re not.” If he’s being honest, that’s why Douglas is upset. Hope repeats her objections and tells him Douglas is worried Zoe will replace her. Thomas feels bad and wishes he could give Douglas the family he wants, but Zoe’s not the one keeping that from happening. Thomas asks Hope if the future Douglas dreams of could ever be a reality for the three of them.
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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt digests the news that Sally has a terminal illness – he has to go see her. Bill and Katie warn he can’t tell her he knows. Katie levels, “Please don’t make me regret telling you.” Wyatt can’t just act like everything’s fine. Bill intones, “You can, and you will, Wyatt.” Katie tries to give him Sally’s perspective. Wyatt stresses there’s not a lot of time left – she needs him now. After Wyatt leaves, Katie worries, but Bill trusts his son will do what’s right.
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In Forrester’s design office, Quinn notices Sally seems unusually distracted. She sighs and asks, “Are you alright?” Quinn knows it’s a difficult time – she planned on a long and happy future with her son, but it’s not going to happen. She sees great things ahead for Sally and adds, “You’ll bounce back from this.” Once alone, Sally rubs her shaking hand. Soon, Wyatt arrives. He witnesses her struggling before making his presence known. Wyatt wants to ensure they can talk to each other still. He recalls how they started out as friends – he wanted to be there for her and that will never change.

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