Brooke watches Hope with Thomas Bold and Beautiful
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At Forrester Creations, Zoe’s pleased Thomas knew it was her birthday. Hope interrupts their kiss. Zoe exits and Thomas asks Hope if she’s okay. Hope’s still thinking about the kiss between Steffy and Liam. Thomas criticizes Liam for hurting her. Hope explains it was about the pull that still exists between them. Brooke enters – she arrived just in time. Thomas leaves and Hope assures Brooke he’s not fixated on her anymore. Talk turns to Liam. Hope explains something shifted in her when she saw the kiss – Thomas had nothing to do with it. Brooke warns Hope to stay vigilant – who knows what Thomas is planning right this minute?

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In the design office, Sally reminds Katie not to say a word to anyone. Katie thinks she may feel different after the shock wears off. Sally doesn’t know that it will – one month is all she has left. She really thought she would have a full over-the-top life like her Aunt Sally. Katie urges her to call her family. She won’t. Katie’s agonized as Sally gets emotional about wanting marriage and kids – that can never happen now. Katie assures her they’ll get specialists and a second opinion; Sally needs to take her meds and connect with a palliative team. She appeals again for Sally to enlighten Wyatt, but she refuses. She wants to do this her way; it’s the one thing she can still control. Later, Thomas and Vinny are chatting while trying on shirts. Vinny presumes Thomas is still in love with Hope and is using Zoe. Thomas admits he’s doing everything he can to win Hope. Vinny realizes he’s hoping to make her jealous. Thomas reveals the door is open with Hope – that’s where Zoe comes in, and Douglas too. Vinny warns against using his son. Thomas knows Douglas will be upset by seeing him with Zoe and Hope will want to stop it. “Hope will be mine.”
Vinny, Thomas dressing Bold and Beautiful

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In Forrester’s studio, Carter admires Zoe, who looks beautiful in her dress – Forrester’s lucky to have her, and so is Thomas. They discuss Thomas’ obsession with Hope. Zoe feels he’s past that. Carter hopes she’s right.
Zoe, Carter chat Bold and Beautiful

In Bill’s office, he complains to Justin about Wyatt not listening to their meeting. He guesses his son has Sally on the brain. They go over Wyatt ‘dumping’ Sally for Flo. Wyatt thinks she’s going through something and wishes he knew what was going on. Katie arrives and Wyatt and Justin head to legal. Bill questions Katie – something’s weighing on her. She admits Sally’s what she’s worried about. Bill learns she’s dying and is stunned. Katie feels terrible sharing her secret but is concerned she’ll wait until it’s too late to reach out. Bill thinks there must be something they can do for her. Katie gets a call from Sally and repeats her promise not to tell anyone. She disconnects and frets to Bill – how can she not tell Wyatt?!

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