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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt tells Bill he can’t figure out what’s going on with Sally, but it’s not about their break-up. Bill recaps that Wyatt went into his relationship with Sally with the best intentions. Wyatt laments it’s still the second time he’s left her for Flo; he wishes there was something he could do. He says he and Flo will take things slow so as not to make it worse for Sally. He feels responsible for Sally’s pain. Bill thinks Quinn managed to instill good qualities in Wyatt. They agree they’ve both put Sally through hell in different ways as Bill expresses regret. Wyatt remarks that Sally’s a survivor.
Wyatt gets pep talk Bill Bold and Beautiful

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At the hospital, Sally tries to prepare herself to hear the doctor’s diagnosis. When Sally decides she’s ready, the doctor first refers to the battery of tests that were run. As the doctor relays her diagnosis, Sally breaks down in tears and shakes. Dr. Escobar urges her to take steps toward acceptance and assemble a support system. Katie asks if there’s anything they can do. The doctor says no, but urges Sally to seek a second opinion. Once alone with Katie, Sally sobs in her arms. Katie feels they have to get other opinions – this is Sally’s life, she must fight! She wants Sally to tell her loved ones, especially Wyatt. Sally doesn’t want him to feel guilt or pity for her. Katie exclaims at her stubbornness. She will be with her every step of the way; she’s not alone. Katie vows to be her friend and confidante for whatever time she has left.
Sally hears diagnosis Bold and Beautiful

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In the Forrester living room, Quinn enthuses to Shauna about planning a wedding for Flo and Wyatt. Shauna thinks Sally should accept her engagement is over first. Flo arrives and Quinn embraces her future daughter-in-law. They get to talking and Quinn thinks Wyatt is too compassionate – Sally just needs to get out of the way. Shauna reminds Quinn they’ve both been there; she should cut Sally some slack. Quinn advises Flo not to put her wedding off too long. Flo relays that Sally paid her a visit, and it was intense as she seemed to be caving under her stress. Quinn muses if she loses her job, it could be the last they see of her. After Flo’s gone, Quinn and Shauna congratulate themselves on how their kids turned out and imagine their fabulous grandbabies.
Shauna imagines grandbabies Bold and Beautiful

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Flo visits Wyatt at Spencer Publications and updates him their mothers are pushing for marriage. Talk turns to Sally. Wyatt explains she’s dealing with a lot – how much is one woman supposed to take? Flo hates their happiness is coming at someone else’s expense. She urges Wyatt to take the time he needs to figure things out with Sally. Wyatt just hopes she’s okay.

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