Ridge comes to see Brooke in their bedroom and finds the room transformed into a Japanese setting. Brooke lies in bed with sushi all over her body and says, “I told you dinner would be on me.” Ridge comes over to the bed and Steffy calls asking if he wants to get dinner with her. Ridge says he already ordered in and she should see the spread in front of him. Steffy asks if he wants some company, but Ridge says Brooke is with him. He hangs up and Brooke instructs Ridge to take off his clothes. He strips down and then indulges in the Brooke buffet. After they indulge in sushi, Brooke and Ridge discuss Rick and how much they love each other. Ridge says he loves her, but their issues run deep. He says he couldn’t forgive Rick when he hurt Phoebe and it’s probably where a lot of this antagonism comes from. Brooke says Phoebe has recovered and is doing well and she promises that he will never hurt her again.

Rick, Eric, Owen and Donna have a business meeting and Rick questions whether or not Owen and Donna should head up the project they’re discussing. Eric decrees it's what he wants and the meeting breaks up. Donna asks Eric why he wants her to spend time with Owen and thinks it’s a bad idea. Eric doesn’t think it will be a problem if Donna is as committed to him as she says she is. Donna assures him she is, so Eric says there's no reason she can’t work on this project with Owen. Donna agrees to it and kisses Eric telling him she loves him.

Stephanie comes to Rick’s office and sees him taking down photos of Ridge. She asks if there is anything left of her son in the room and Rick replies, “God I hope not.” Rick says if she gives away his secret, Brooke will be with Ridge forever and it could affect Eric’s health. Stephanie warns him not to use Eric’s health as a weapon and informs him that his editing trick didn’t have the impact he wanted because Ridge and Brooke are still together. Rick is upset and Stephanie asks what Rick’s next move is. Steffy and Marcus interrupt them and Rick tells Marcus he is very valuable, so he is shipping him off to Forrester International so he can learn the ropes. Marcus is excited and Steffy is proud of him. Marcus asks how long he’ll be there and Rick tells him just a few weeks, but if all goes well, it could be longer. Rick tells him he is scheduled to leave in a couple of hours. Marcus would have liked more time to prepare, but he’s grateful and asks Steffy to help him get ready to leave.

After Marcus and Steffy leave the office, Stephanie comments that Rick is making some hasty decisions. Rick says he has thought things through and the company will thrive under his leadership. The best thing he’s done is to get rid of Ridge and getting him out of his mother’s life will be just as easy. Rick says he has a new plan to break up Ridge and Brooke. Stephanie wonders what it is and Rick says he thought she wanted to keep her hands clean. She thinks Eric has forgiven her for much worse and asks what he’s up to.

Owen and Donna meet up to discuss their project and Donna says she thinks it’s strange that Eric would want them to work together, but he doesn’t seem threatened at all. As they go over things, Eric watches from his computer. He wonders if Donna is telling the truth, that she can be faithful to him. Owen tries on some swim trunks for the project they’re working on and Eric watches as Donna feels the fabric on the shorts. She looks for the label in the back of the shorts and Throne comes in Eric's office questioning what Donna’s doing. Things turn out to be innocent enough, but Thorne thinks in time Donna will prove she’s not worthy to be Eric’s wife.

Marcus tells Donna about his leaving and Donna is thrilled for him, although she’s upset he’s leaving so soon. She’s proud of her son, but she’ll miss him. Marcus assures her that no matter where he is, he’ll love her just as much.

Marcus says goodbye to Steffy and Rick gives him an envelope to give to Jacques when he gets to Paris. Marcus leaves and Steffy tells Rick she’s going to miss Marcus a lot. Rick tells Steffy that while Marcus is away she can count on him. He tells her everything will be fine and puts his arm around her.

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