Thomas, Quinn team up Bold and Beautiful
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In the Forrester mansion, Eric stresses to Quinn the need to co-exist with Brooke. She explains she had to defend herself – she had to strike back. Thomas listens as Eric declares no more open warfare between her and Brooke. After Eric leaves, Thomas asks Quinn to spill. She explains Brooke thinks she pushed Shauna to hit on Ridge. Thomas learns of Quinn spiking her drink, but he doesn’t want Brooke to become a drunken mess again – Ridge would ride to her rescue and Quinn will have undone all the work he did to split up Ridge and Brooke. He warns Quinn no more spiking drinks and assures her that Ridge and Shauna will be together…just like he and Hope will. He updates her on Liam and Hope’s split and the reason behind it. Quinn asks about Zoe. Thomas likes her; she’s hot and fun, but Hope will always be the woman he wants. He will make it happen, whatever it takes.

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke’s eyeballing the mini bar when Hope enters. She’s texts Liam to see if he wants to come and spend time with Beth. Steffy arrives and Brooke confronts her about kissing Liam. She rants about Steffy being unable to restrain herself and causing problems. After Brooke’s gone, Hope tells Steffy she wants to get along, but she can’t unsee the kiss – it hurt. Steffy has something to tell her about the kiss. Thomas arrives outside the door as Hope is explaining she couldn’t accept the conditions of Liam’s proposal. He enters and Hope recaps that Liam made his choice – Steffy and Kelly. Steffy says Kelly’s been happy seeing her daddy every morning. Hope always wanted to put the children first, but she still can’t believe Liam would do this. Steffy insists there was more going on than she knows. Thomas glares.
Steffy confronted by Hope, Brooke Bold and Beautiful

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At Spencer Publications, Liam gets Hope’s text about Beth. Wyatt sympathizes about him being separated from the child. He questions Liam kissing Steffy right after proposing to Hope. Liam blames Thomas for their problems, though the kiss is on him. They agree Thomas will try to take advantage of Liam’s absence. Wyatt wonders about Zoe. Liam presumes Thomas is using her and will dump her, and is concerned Thomas will make in-roads with Hope now he’s gone – it scares the hell out of him. Later, Brooke arrives to confront Liam about kissing Steffy. She wants him to move out of the cliff house and fix this. She claims Thomas’ manipulative hands are all over this. Liam says he wasn’t even involved. Brooke sneers, “Not that we know of.” Liam concedes Thomas has been pushing Steffy to show him how she feels – if he’s with Steffy, Thomas is free to pursue Hope. Brooke exclaims, “You can’t let this happen!” Liam repeats that Thomas had nothing to do with the kiss.
Wyatt and Liam hold a discussion Bold and Beautiful

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