Sally debates with Katie Bold and Beautiful
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In the Forrester living room, Quinn flashes to spiking Brooke’s juice and warns her to back off. “You don’t want to tangle with me.” They debate as to how innocent Ridge is and whether Quinn schemed. Brooke vows to open Eric’s eyes permanently. Quinn questions Brooke acting better than her and challenges, “We’ll see who comes out on top.” Brooke informs her she’s not worthy and downs her spiked juice. A few more threats and insults are exchanged, then Quinn orders her out.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt talks business to a distracted Liam. Wyatt knows Hope caught him kissing Steffy. Liam admits they haven’t patched things up and asks Wyatt about Sally. Wyatt confides he’s having a hard time being objective about her. Liam laughs off her slip-up. Wyatt sputters that it’s also about Flo. Liam realizes they’re back together. Wyatt sighs that Sally didn’t take it well and moons that Flo’s the most amazing person he’s ever known. Liam hedges, “With the small exception of stealing my baby…” Wyatt blames Buckingham. Talk turns back to Sally. Wyatt’s worried about her.

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In the hospital, Sally conveys to Katie that she’s worried about her health. Katie learns her hands are shaking uncontrollably, and she’s had dizziness and headaches. “I don’t know what it could be.” Katie advises her to try to relax; she’s doing the right thing by seeing a doctor. Sally relays they’re going to do some tests. Katie offers to stay. Sally thanks her. Later, the doctor sends the blood tests away and tells Sally not to get unduly alarmed. He’ll be in touch with her results. Once he leaves, Sally updates Katie on her work and relationship troubles. Katie urges her to reach out to Wyatt, but Sally says he’s the last person she wants to know – she doesn’t need his pity. Katie’s there if she needs her.
Katie supports Sally with her doctor Bold and Beautiful

Eric enters Ridge’s office as he’s doing a fitting on a model. She exits, and Eric wants to discuss the feud between Brooke and Quinn. Ridge is stunned to hear it turned physical. They agree it’s outrageous. Eric rants that by undermining Quinn, Brooke’s undermining his whole life! He grumbles about coming home to ‘fight club’ in his living room and Ridge promises to put an end to it.
Ridge and Eric hold a discussion Bold and Beautiful

Quinn’s holding Brooke’s empty juice container when Eric arrives. He wants Quinn to cut Brooke a little slack – she’s not the dark, dangerous woman Brooke claims she is and they need to act like family.

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At Forrester, Ridge tells Brooke he feels bad he’s started a war with her and Quinn – they can’t have that. Brooke doesn’t trust Quinn and must protect Eric because she’s dangerous. Ridge thinks she should be upset with him. Brooke eyeballs the liquor across the room.

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