Rick tells Brooke, Marcus and Katie that the company has to change now and it will start with them. He gets up from behind the desk and everyone marvels at how well he’s doing without his crutches. Rick says he didn’t do it alone and he can’t run the company alone. He knows his half siblings are resentful and he needs to know he has a strong support system. Brooke wonders why it has to be ‘us against them’ and Marcus notes that they are all part of the same family. Rick says they have all been part of the Forrester family, but they haven’t been given equal billing. He declares it’s the Logan’s time to shine and they can’t let anyone divide them.

As Eric watches the feed from Owen’s office, Thorne says he should let Donna go and restore their family by being with Stephanie.

Eric goes to see Ridge and tells him he wants him back at the company. Ridge wonders where Eric’s loyalty and dignity went. He says FC was his legacy and Eric was ready to hand the company over to him, but now he can’t even walk in the door. Eric says it’s not about titles, it’s about a father and son rising above and he asks Ridge to come back to the fold, but Ridge will only do that if Rick is no longer president. Ridge tells his father that Rick is playing both him and Brooke, but they are too blind to see it. Eric responds that all his children are welcome at FC and Ridge points out that he’s not really his child. Eric insists it doesn’t matter to him, but Ridge wonders if that’s really true. Ridge tells Eric that Rick is being a selfish jerk, but Eric doesn’t see it and he won’t be a part of it.

Stephanie, Thorne and Felicia talk and Owen walks in the office. He informs them that he was rehired by Eric because he was grateful that Owen saved his life. Owen leaves and Stephanie thinks Eric has forgiven Donna or else he wouldn’t have hired Owen, while Thorne remains mum.

Donna joins the rest of the Logans in Rick’s office and mentions that Owen is working there again. Rick snidely requests that she not mess that situation up again and everyone is shocked by Rick’s harsh demeanor. Rick declares they already got rid of Ridge and if anyone else stands in their way they will get rid of them too. Brooke isn’t comfortable with that attitude, but Rick says Eric has put him in charge and he will deliver. Brooke leaves and Steffy comes in dropping Rick’s mail on his desk. Rick tells her he always thought he saw her mother in her, but now he’s starting to see a lot more of her father. Steffy is insulted and leaves. Marcus notes that Rick wants them all to choose sides and Rick says he doesn’t want Ridge’s name mentioned or to even see his name plates around the building. Rick says this is his vision and his company and nothing and no one will stand in his way.

Donna comes to Owen’s office and he tells her the Forresters aren’t exactly thrilled to see him. Donna thinks it’s because it’s a reflection of Eric’s feelings for her and Owen asks what about his feelings, noting that the two of them will be working closely together with no one around.

Marcus reluctantly replaces Ridge’s name with Rick’s all over the building. Steffy sees this and runs off.

Katie tells Rick that he can erase Ridge’s name from the building, but he will never be able to erase him from Brooke's heart. Rick says he will be damned if he lets Ridge hurt his mother again.

Brooke comes to see Rick again and tells him she appreciates his concern, but she needs to do what’s right for her life. She asks him to move out so Ridge can move back in. Rick gets furious and says he won’t let that happen. Brooke tells her son that Ridge is her future and they will have a life together with or without his blessing.

In Eric’s office, Stephanie yells at Eric for hiring Owen instead of getting Ridge to come back. Eric thinks he’s failing at trying to pull the family back together. Stephanie says he’s doing the best he can and assures him she’s there for him if he needs her. Eric thanks her and she leaves. Eric sits at his desk and thinks about Donna and Owen being together. He flips open his laptop and says he has to know if he can trust Donna. If she can be faithful to him, then the world is theirs. He notes that he will only be watching for a few more days.

Brooke tells Ridge that Rick is moving out. Ridge asks when this is happening and Brooke says tonight. She tells him to come home and that dinner will be on her. Brooke asks if Ridge is still angry with her, but he says it’s hard to stay mad at her. He’s still confused about what happened at the podcast, but he doesn't want to talk about it. Brooke says she realized at the beach that what they share is more powerful than anything that could come between them. She doesn’t think it’s fair how he was pushed out of Forrester, but he tells her he wants her more than being back at the company. Brooke asks if he’ll come home and he asks, “How could I not?” Brooke wants Ridge by her side because then nothing can get in their way.

Rick paces in his office furiously saying that Ridge will not take Brooke away from him again. He vows to stop Ridge and Steffy walks in the office. She tells him that he can play president all he wants, but the real president, a.k.a. Ridge, will be back. She warns him to never disrespect her again. Rick apologizes and says it will never happen again. He tells her they need her in the family and in the company. He calls her an asset and says he intends to use her. After Steffy leaves, Rick says Ridge freaked out during the Phoebe situation, so just wait until he gets a hold of Steffy. He thinks Ridge will go off on him again and that’s the one thing Brooke can’t stand.

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