Stephanie talks to Rick on the phone who tells her that Brooke is on the way over to see her. Stephanie assures him he won’t tell anyone his secret, but she isn’t making any promises to him. Brooke knocks on the door and Stephanie hangs up the phone. Stephanie assumes Brooke and Ridge have broken up and makes snarky comments, but Brooke is all smiles. Brooke wonders what Stephanie is still doing living at the house, instead of letting Donna and Eric be happy together. As they argue about Donna, Brooke assures Stephanie that what happened between Owen and Donna will not be repeated. Talk turns to Ridge and Brooke lets Stephanie know that they are still together and he and Taylor will not be getting back together. Brooke tells Stephanie she should get out of the house while she still has some dignity and before Eric throws her out. As Brooke walks out of the house, Stephanie sticks her tongue out at her.

Eric and Donna work in Eric’s office and Donna brings up the announcement Eric made. Donna shows him emails and faxes from concerned and upset employees from around the world. Eric thanks her for bringing it to his attention and tells her that he’s come to the conclusion that trust is the most important thing in any relationship. Donna begs him not to give up on their marriage. She thinks they can survive anything and have to remember how much they love each other. Donna says no one can destroy the love she feels for him. Someone knocks on the door and Donna answers to Owen. Eric says he asked Owen to come so they could have a talk that is long overdue. Donna again tells Eric that nothing really happened between the two of them and that Owen was just a good friend to both of them. Owen backs her up. Eric agrees that Owen is not a threat to him anymore and thanks him for all he’s done for them. Eric then asks him to work at Forrester Creations again. Owen and Donna are both stunned, but Eric says he’s heard good things about him and Donna will need help with her heavy workload. Owen accepts and Eric makes a call saying Owen is ready to see his new office. Owen is grateful and says he won’t let Eric down.

After Owen leaves, Donna tells Eric how incredible that was. She knows it wasn’t about him believing in Owen, but about him believing in her and their future together. She thinks it’s a sign that he’s close to making his decision, but when she hugs him, Eric’s face says otherwise.

Thorne sits in a nice new office and Felicia comes in. She assumes the office is his, but Thorne says he doesn’t know who it’s for because Eric is being mysterious about it. The siblings wonder how long Eric will carry on with the triangle he created with Stephanie and Donna. They question where Stephanie’s pride is and then comment that Eric is the love of her life. Felicia wonders what Eric sees in Donna. Thorne thinks it’s obvious, but Felicia assumes it’s more than sex because Eric has worked too hard to hold on to her. Thorne is worried about Eric and thinks there’s something different about their father. They worry that Eric will choose Donna over Stephanie, but hope it’s Donna who loses out in the situation.

Donna meets Owen in his new office and Owen is thrilled. He says this job couldn’t have come at a better time because things have become pretty bleak. He’s been surfing and trying to figure out his life and whether or not he should move back to San Diego. He tells her the real reason he could never leave LA is because he doesn’t want to be out of her life even if she is committed to Eric. Donna makes it clear to Owen that she is determined to be with Eric again and is optimistic that he is close to choosing her as the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Thorne comes to see Eric and assures his father that he did what he asked and didn't tell anyone what he was doing. Eric tells Thorne that he wants to determine if any romance between Donna and Owen still exists or is in fact over. Thorne doesn’t think he should waste his time considering Eric found Donna and Owen together after he woke up from his coma. Eric tells his son that he will determine once and for all what’s really going on between the two of them. Thorne thinks he will be disappointed, but Eric says if he is, then he will choose Stephanie to spend the rest of his life with. Eric opens his laptop which is showing a live feed of Owen’s office. He tells Thorne that he loves Donna and he needs to find out if Donna will remain faithful to him.

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