Thomas threatens Liam Bold and Beautiful
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At the cabin, Bill visits Beth. Hope understands he’s been busy caring for Katie. Bill confirms Will loved their quiet Christmas at home, then asks about Hope’s daily exposure to ‘that creature’ Thomas. Hope assures him she’s keeping a close eye on him. Bill doesn’t trust the twisted freak – if he comes for his family again it won’t end well – he will handle him his way.

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At Steffy’s house, she and Liam seek an update from Zoe, who enjoyed Christmas and now views Thomas as her boyfriend. Liam worries about her staying objective and doubts Thomas is over Hope. Zoe argues he’s being sincere and cares about her. She’s convinced his feelings for Hope are behind him. Liam worries about Zoe becoming Thomas’ next roadkill and heads off to do damage control.

At the Forrester mansion, Thomas tells Shauna they can speak freely and expresses his vision of the future where Shauna and Ridge are together and so are he and Hope. Puzzled, Shauna asks about Zoe.Thomas visits Shauna Bold and Beautiful She senses he’s going through the motions with her and trying to make Hope jealous. Thomas admits he’s playing the long game. He likes Zoe but still loves Hope. Shauna warns she could easily tell his dad. Thomas is confident she won’t because then he’ll think Brooke was right all along. Thomas feels Ridge is better with Shauna, and Hope is better with him than with ping-pong Liam.

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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Liam warns Thomas, “I see you, Thomas. I see the real you.” Thomas insists he’s not a threat and deflects by questioning why Liam hasn’t ‘put a ring’ on Hope. He wonders if deep down Liam still loves his sister. Liam knows he’s still after Hope – it won’t happen. Thomas taunts, “You’re no match for me, Liam.” He thinks Hope belongs with him and Douglas – if it ever happens it will be because of him using Hope and Steffy to feed his ego. Thomas intones he plans to be top dog and will have the last word. He suggests Liam treat his sister well or he’ll take the women to his gravesite and remind them what a two-timing sonofabitch he was.Hope talks to Steffy and Sally Bold and Beautiful When Liam asks, Thomas confirms it was a threat. In the main office, Steffy doesn’t think Sally’s hearing what she’s saying about her designs. Hope enters and confirms Thomas seems focused on Zoe. Steffy wishes it didn’t have to be her. Hope agrees but is relieved he’s fixated on someone new. After Sally exits, Steffy asks if working with Thomas has made her uncomfortable. Hope reiterates Thomas’ energy is directed at Zoe. Steffy’s satisfied he’s no longer a threat to Hope or her relationship.

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