Zoe Thomas begin to make love Bold and Beautiful
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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Hope and Steffy contemplate Thomas moving on with Zoe. Hope has seen them together and believes it’s actually happening.

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In Forrester’s main office, Brooke joins Steffy and relays she saw Liam. They go over needing to find out if Thomas is still obsessing over Hope. Brooke hopes Zoe can uncover what’s going on in his head. Steffy thinks she’ll have ample opportunity – they’re on an all-night date. They debate the plan.Brooke Steffy discuss Thomas Bold and Beautiful Brooke worries if Zoe falls for Thomas, she won’t be able to see his real motivations. They discuss Steffy trying to find forgiveness for her brother. Brooke never believed she’d get divorced over something like this, but she can’t forgive or trust Thomas. Steffy doesn’t think she’d be able to be forgiving if someone put Kelly through what Hope went through. Brooke expects they’ll discover Thomas hasn’t changed, but agrees to try and keep an open mind. She won’t let her guard down – even if he proposes to Zoe, she still won’t trust him.

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At the Forrester mansion, Thomas learns Zoe’s worried she’s just a distraction – it wasn’t long ago he was all about Hope. He’s not sure how to convince her otherwise and wants to show her. Thomas talks about how good he feels being with Zoe – he can see the future in her eyes and hopes she can see her future in his. Zoe muses this feels like a fairy-tale and Thomas promises there will be many more moments like this – maybe after tonight she’ll know exactly how much she means to him. They decide to walk the grounds but after a kiss, Thomas instead wants to take her upstairs and says, “I want you, Zoe.” In the bedroom, Thomas wants to start something special with Zoe and they kiss passionately while undressing. Thomas pauses and Zoe asks what’s wrong. He replies, “Nothing at all,” and takes her to the bed.

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Liam arrives home to the cabin, where Hope is with Douglas, and she explains the child will be spending the night.Liam gets an update on Thomas Bold and Beautiful Liam learns Thomas has ‘big’ plans that night. Talk turns to Douglas helping Beth learn how to do things before Hope shares with Liam that Thomas has a date with Zoe. Liam thinks it would be a relief if he’s truly moving on; it will be interesting to see how the night goes. Hope thinks it would be good for everyone if Thomas genuinely moves on with Zoe. Liam hopes tonight proves that. Hope can feel it – a new chapter is beginning tonight.

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