While standing on the cliff, Ridge sees Brooke on the beach and calls out for her. Brooke turns to see him and rides her horse towards Ridge who has come down to the beach. Ridge helps Brooke off her horse and Brooke says, “You came here too. How can it not be right?” She says their love is stronger than ever and wonders what it means that they both showed up at the same spot. Ridge responds, “How about destiny? How could I ever not love you?” and kisses her. Brooke and Ridge sit by the water together and Ridge tells her she is everything beautiful in this world. Brooke can't think about her world without him in it and tells him, “I will be your Logan forever.” They kiss and then fall back on the sand.

Somewhat agitated, Nick shoots Nerf hoops and tells Katie he’s not going to worry about Ridge and Brooke. Katie is happy to hear it and thinks everything will work out for them. Nick says maybe it will and maybe it won’t and kisses Katie, but Katie looks worried. Nick asks Katie to stop obsessing about Ridge and Brooke. He hopes Jack won’t be affected by what’s going on with them and wonders when they are supposed to take him back to Brooke. Katie thinks they should wait to call her and Nick reiterates that Ridge will lose if he makes Brooke choose between him and the kids. Nick wants to forget about Ridge and Brooke and hands Katie the Nerf basketball. They play for a bit and then start to make out. Katie tells him she loves him and doesn’t want anything to change. Nick playfully agrees and they get more passionate.

Thorne tells Eric that Brooke and Ridge are fighting and Eric hopes Stephanie isn’t behind it. Thorne doesn’t think it has anything to do with her. Eric thinks Stephanie is mistaken about them fighting, considering the things Brooke said about Ridge on the podcast. Eric thinks Ridge and Brooke are meant to be together, but if they are fighting, it has nothing to do with Brooke’s speech. Thorne thinks maybe it has something to do with Rick.

Rick and Stephanie discuss Rick’s plans for Brooke and Ridge and his role in the company. Stephanie tells him he got to the top of FC by manipulating Eric and tells him the saddest thing about this whole thing is he is a Forrester and shouldn’t treat his family like this. Rick reminds her that Ridge is Massimo’s son, not Eric’s. Rick tells her they have a common goal, but Stephanie says she wants Ridge and Brooke apart, but not as much as he does because she won’t participate in this lie. She warns him that this whole mess might not lead to where he wants. Rick thinks if Brooke finds out what he’s done, she will never talk to him again and it will bring her closer to Ridge. Stephanie wonders why he’s wasting his intelligence and drive by seeking his mother’s approval and going against Ridge. Rick admits he’s needy when it comes to his parents, but it’s because of Ridge. Stephanie tells him at some point he has to become an adult, forgive his parents and move on. Rick thinks he’s doing that and as president of FC he will make sure Ridge is nothing more than a footnote. Stephanie doesn’t want to go along with Rick’s plan because Eric asked her not to interfere with Ridge and Brooke. Rick doesn’t think Eric will ever find out and says they can explain the podcast by saying it was a computer glitch. He thinks it will kill Eric if he finds out what he did and the company couldn’t handle another scandal. Stephanie calls Rick a con artist, but then says, “No one can find out.” Rick says they have to be allies and work together because only the two of them can put an end to Ridge and Brooke.

Thorne meets with some models who are auditioning for the spring line. He gives them some instructions and as they leave, Thorne thinks he sees Owen, but it’s not him. Eric comes back to the office and they discuss business. Eric is distracted by a photo of him and Ridge and Thorne tells him they can talk shop later. Eric wonders if Rick’s promotion is the cause of Brooke and Ridge’s problems. They debate the reasons for Eric promoting Rick and Eric wishes his kids could all be more generous with each other and cut each other some slack. Eric felt promoting Rick was something he had to do for the company and for himself. Thorne says Rick is a divisive force in the family and warns Eric to keep an eye on him because he could be a lot of trouble.

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