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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Brooke agree they both want the truth about Thomas. Brooke hopes Zoe can discover what he’s up to before her daughter suffers again. Steffy opines that finding the truth will help her make peace with her brother – she wants to believe he’s a good man. Brooke counters that if he’s not, they need to know that too. Steffy agrees. Brooke thanks her for helping to protect her daughter. Sally Steffy model Bold and BeautifulSteffy notes her father wants to protect his son. Brooke says Thomas requires serious professional help. Steffy snaps that’s not up to her to decide. Brooke loves Ridge, but can’t forgive Thomas as he wants her to – she won’t allow him to hurt Hope ever again. Later, Steffy checks out Sally’s design on a model and weighs in. The model exits and Sally asks how Thomas wound up working with Hope. Steffy explains she wants to save her line and it’s complicated. They return to discussing designs – Steffy has no intention of losing to Hope and her brother.

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In the design office, Thomas will do whatever he can to prove to Hope he’s a changed man. He shows her a preliminary sketch for the line and Hope smiles – it’s like he read her mind. Zoe, watching, frowns a little. Hope tells Thomas she couldn’t do this without him. Thomas feels they’ll crush the showdown.Hope model Thomas Douglas Bold and Beautiful Zoe interjects that she’ll let them work. Thomas asks to see her tonight. Zoe would like that. They kiss as Hope stands by awkwardly. Later, Hope tells a model that Thomas made some good adjustments to the design. The model muses that Thomas is the whole package. Thomas enters with Douglas, who’s happy his mommy and daddy are working together but mentions them not living together. They assure him they’ll always be a family. Thomas places his hands on Douglas’ shoulders as Hope hugs the boy.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt asks about Liam’s plan and is startled to hear that Hope has decided to work with Thomas. He’s also amazed to hear Thomas and Zoe are supposedly dating now and thinks it will cloud her judgment. Liam’s grateful she agreed to take the risk. They remark on how difficult this is for Steffy. Liam notes she wants to help her brother but can’t do that if she doesn’t have the truth. Later, Brooke shows up and asks Liam why he didn’t tell her about the plan – she spoke to Steffy. Liam apologizes. They debate the imperfect plan. Brooke’s scared – Hope’s depending on him and he’s dangerous. Liam thinks Zoe will come through. Brooke reflects on the state of her marriage and believes Thomas is up to something. Liam recalls confronting Thomas about the baby secret. They worry if the helicopter had arrived, they might never have seen Hope again. Brooke’s blood runs cold at them working together.

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