Thomas kisses Zoe shocked Hope Bold and Beautiful
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In Steffy’s office, Hope asks her to rethink her decision regarding Zoe. Steffy’s resolute – she doesn’t have to like Zoe, but believes she has something to offer. After, Liam checks in with Steffy, who relays that she went through with rehiring Zoe and Hope’s really upset about it. It sickens her as well and she’s trying to justify it. Liam insists there’s no other way – they have to find out what’s going on with Thomas. Once he gets the proof he needs, he won’t let Hope near him ever again.

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In the Forrester design office, Zoe’s thrilled to be back at work and will celebrate with Thomas. He assures her he was sincere about moving on, and hopes it will be with her. The door’s ajar and Thomas sees Hope coming, so he pulls Zoe into a kiss. Hope enters, then backs out, but Zoe wants to tell her how thankful she is to be back.Thomas and Zoe explain themselves to Hope Bold and Beautiful Hope won’t be giving her a second chance. Zoe exits, and Hope snarks to Thomas that lying brings people together – is she supposed to believe his and Zoe’s instant connection is real? Thomas explains they’re both trying to get their lives back on track and he’s having fun. He makes another pitch for designing her line. Thomas stares at her eyes, lips and chest as she says she’ll consider it.

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At Brooke’s house, she questions Ridge about allowing that liar Zoe back at Forrester Creations. Brooke appeals to Ridge Bold and BeautifulRidge says Steffy made the call and he was as surprised as Brooke is, though he’s proud she’s found forgiveness. He thinks Brooke should follow her lead. Brooke’s exasperated – she can’t find compassion for anyone involved in the lie about Beth. Ridge takes a call from Thomas, who thanks him for giving Zoe another chance. Ridge learns he’s interested in her. He disconnects and Brooke’s skeptical as Ridge reports Thomas is over Hope and moving on. She wishes he could see the violent person his son really is – her daughter’s safety is at stake.

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In Steffy’s office, she asks Zoe what’s going on with her and Thomas. Zoe reveals they kissed and are getting close. Steffy learns Hope walked in on them and suggests Thomas may have planned it.
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At the cabin, Hope rants to Liam about Zoe’s return to Forrester and questions if Thomas is sincere about Zoe. Hope updates Liam Bold and BeautifulLiam learns she’s still considering working with him and feels she’s falling for his ruse. Hope’s running out of options. Liam reiterates he’s dangerous and a liar. Hope argues he’s talented and already has designs. Liam thinks he has a grand plan, but she should work with him if she needs him. She calls Thomas and says, “Let’s do it. Let’s work together.”

At Forrester, Thomas sketches him and Hope undressed and kissing.

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