Brooke and Rick continue to discuss Ridge and his anger. Brooke can’t understand why he is so disillusioned, while Rick just stands there looking guilty. The phone rings and Brooke answers to Katie who wonders when she wants them to bring Jack over. Brooke says it’s not a good time and asks if they can keep Jack for now. She explains that Ridge has left and asks Katie to keep Jack a little bit longer. After she hangs up, Rick suggests they get her out of the house. Brooke agrees and makes a phone call to have her horse brought down to the beach. Rick asks if she wants some company and Brooke says no. She just needs to be by herself right now, but thanks her son for the support.

Ridge rides his motorcycle along the coast and stops at a spot overlooking the ocean. As he takes it all in, Ridge says, “The place we were married so many years ago.”

Katie tells Nick that something happened between Brooke and Ridge and it’s not good. Nick thinks it was probably just a fight, but Katie tells him Ridge walked out on her. Nick wonders if it has to do with Taylor, but Katie thinks it’s more than that. She says they can’t split up, they have to stay together. Nick wonders what’s really going on and Katie brings up Rick living with Brooke and getting the presidency of FC. She thinks they’ve gotten through worse and they will get through this. Nick says Brooke is a mother first and foremost and if Ridge makes her choose between him and the kids he could lose. Katie asks Nick if he really thinks they are over, but doesn’t wait for an answer and says they will be fine. Katie thinks Brooke and Ridge are in love just like they are and Nick agrees, but says he just hopes Brooke will be okay.

Rick answers the door to Stephanie who is looking for Brooke. Rick says she’s not home, but tells Stephanie that she’s upset. Stephanie asks what’s going on with Brooke and Ridge and wonders what happened with the podcast. After some snide comments by Rick, Stephanie asks Rick what he’s done. Rick retorts that he did what she has wanted to do for decades. He says he has put a wedge between Ridge and Brooke and throws his crutches to the side revealing that he doesn’t really need them. Stephanie can’t believe that Rick has been conning everybody and accuses him of faking. Rick says he’s not faking because he’s been in pain and was paralyzed at the hospital. Stephanie asks what exactly he’s done to break Ridge and Brooke up and Rick explains about editing the podcast. Stephanie is shocked, but Rick recalls all the stuff Stephanie has done over the years to keep them apart and declares, “Your son will not hurt my mother ever again.” Rick says they agree that Ridge and Brooke together are a train wreck and if they break up, Rick can get Brooke back and Stephanie can get her precious son back. Stephanie doesn’t want any part of this, but Rick says if she doesn’t go along with him, Stephanie will have to deal with Ridge and Brooke being together. Stephanie says it’s about what’s right and wrong, but Rick reminds her that Brooke will finally be out of her life if she keeps quiet.

Brooke rides her horse on the beach, just below the cliff that Ridge is standing on. Ridge continues to remember their wedding, as Brooke sadly gets off her horse and sits on the beach recalling that day as well. Brooke gets back on her horse and Ridge sees her. He yells out, “Logan,” and Brooke turns to see Ridge on the cliff.

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