Brooke and Ridge debate Bold and Beautiful

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At Brooke’s place, she reiterates she wants Thomas to get serious psychological help. Ridge asks her not to let this be the end of them. Brooke can’t accept Thomas back into this family, not after what he did to Hope. She can’t do it and doesn’t think she ever will. They debate forgiveness. Brooke is worried about what Thomas will do next; he needs help and is dangerous. Ridge protests that Thomas is getting better all the time – putting the family back together starts with forgiveness.Brooke will never accept Thomas Bold and Beautiful Brooke wants to be with Ridge forever, but if that means forgiving Thomas, she has nothing more to say. Brooke brings up Emma and points out Ridge doesn’t blame Thomas for that – he doesn’t blame him for anything. She needs Ridge to believe her when she says Thomas is obsessed with Hope. She implores, “Support me.”

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy holds up Douglas’ drawing and accuses Thomas of using the boy to get Hope to do what he wants. She wonders if his angle is professional or personal. Thomas protests; it’s strictly business. Steffy finds that hard to believe. She warns no decisions have been made about the line and advises him to stay in his lane. Thomas looking exasperated Bold and BeautifulSteffy points out Hope wouldn’t be anywhere near him if not for Douglas. Thomas says, “I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” Steffy feels he’s delusional about a future with Hope. Thomas is willing to work for a chance by being the best man he can be. Once alone, Thomas muses about co-parenting with Hope and changes ‘Hope for the Future to ‘Hope for Our Future’ on the drawing.

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At Spencer Publications, Hope talks about returning to work on her line. Liam can’t believe she would even consider spending so much time with Thomas. Hope feels Thomas has a point – no one at Forrester understands her line as she does. Liam learns the pitch was made by Thomas and Douglas. He asks how she knows that Thomas wasn’t using his son to manipulate her again? Hope concedes he may still be interested in her, but she’d never be with him in a million years. Liam didn’t think she’d ever work with him either…but here they are. Hope defends sharing custody of Douglas. Liam can’t tell her what to do, but strongly objects to her working with Thomas.

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At the Forrester mansion, Shauna laments that the Ridge Forresters of the world don’t get serious with the likes of her. Quinn understands that Ridge going back to Brooke must hurt. Talk turns to Brooke. Shauna rants about Brooke Bold and BeautifulShauna feels she should be praising her husband for supporting his son, not making him choose between them. Quinn thinks she’s incapable of forgiving Thomas. Shauna notes, “We’ll know soon enough.” Shauna rehashes her history with Ridge and is baffled at Brooke sabotaging her marriage to a man like that. She marvels that she has been staying at the mansion and making out with Ridge…but if Brooke forgives Thomas, that ends today.

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