Brooke and Ridge talk divorce Bold and Beautiful
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At Spencer Publications, Liam and Steffy debate about whether Hope or Thomas was manipulating with the signing of the custody papers. Liam insists Hope wants nothing to do with Douglas’ father and Thomas is delusional to believe this will lead to them getting together.Steffy visits Liam Bold and Beautiful He declares that little boy will be the only connection they ever have – he doesn’t want Thomas in their lives. Steffy feels he and Hope should be enjoying this time with Beth, and doesn’t believe Hope would let anything interfere with that.

At Forrester Creations, Thomas and Douglas urge Hope to come back to work on the line. Douglas thinks it will be fun for her to work with his daddy. Thomas enthuses about her office and Douglas coming by to watch them work after school. Hope’s unable to commit. Thomas reminds her he can work hard on the line but she has to bring it to life. Steffy argues with Thomas Bold and BeautifulAfter Hope’s gone, Douglas tells his daddy he’s sorry mommy didn’t say yes, but she liked his designs. Steffy arrives and learns Thomas asked Hope to come back to work with him. She glares as Douglas talks about all of them working together. Pam takes Douglas out and Steffy confronts Thomas – has he not learned his lesson? He’s using Douglas to lure Hope back to Forrester!

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At the Forrester mansion, Shauna learns Ridge has divorce papers. Ridge and Shauna discuss his marriage Bold and BeautifulHe confides he’s not sure if he can sign them; he needs to try one more time with his wife. Shauna paces. Ridge will always love Brooke and has to make sure he did everything he possibly could. Shauna understands. After Ridge leaves, Quinn appears. Shauna updates her on the divorce papers, which Ridge is hoping they won’t sign. “Brooke is still the only woman he wants to be with.” Shauna laments she thought they had real potential.

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Ridge arrives at Brooke’s house and confirms he’s holding divorce papers. Brooke can’t believe this is what he wants. Ridge wants to be with his wife, and says, “I miss my Logan. We’re meant to be together.” She’s the love of his life but the distance between them keeps growing. Ridge feels they can still figure this out. Brooke mentions Shauna, then Thomas. Ridge feels the disagreement about his son is the only thing keeping them apart and proposes forgiveness. Brooke narrows her eyes and states, “So I forgive Thomas or we get a divorce.” Ridge implores they have to do this together and asks if she can find it in her heart to forgive Thomas.

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Liam greets Hope with a kiss at Spencer Publications and assures her his return has been good.Hope kisses Liam Bold and Beautiful He feels he belongs there. Hope knows exactly what he means. She’s enjoyed the time at home with Beth, but she thinks she’s ready to go back to work. Liam’s supportive and asks about getting a new designer before realizing she’s considering keeping Thomas on.

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