Liam angry at Thomas Bold and Beautiful
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At Forrester Creations, Douglas and Thomas discuss how much fun they had at Thanksgiving. They agree seeing Hope was the best part. Liam arrives and Douglas asks if his mommy came with him. Liam says she’s hanging with Beth. Pam takes Douglas to complete a secret assignment. Liam informs Thomas he’s onto him. He accuses Thomas of manipulating by letting Hope think she killed him.Douglas and Thomas interact at Forrester Creations Bold and Beautiful They argue as Liam claims it tortured Hope after she’d already suffered for months. He hollers about what Thomas put them through and shouts that Hope won’t forgive him anytime soon. Thomas talks about spending time with Hope at work but Liam counters she plans to spend more time with Beth. Thomas regrets keeping Beth a secret and is trying to change. Liam hopes that’s true but warns Thomas to stay clear of Hope and Beth – they’re a family. Thomas states that he and Hope also share a child – they’re a family too.

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Steffy arrives at the cabin where Hope is reading to Beth. She’s glad the girls were together on Thanksgiving and hope it will always be like that. Hope takes Beth to nap and apologizes for the timing.Steffy watches Hope and Beth Bold and Beautiful Steffy says seeing Beth is always a bonus but she came to talk. Steffy confronts Hope about believing she’d killed Thomas and not telling her or Ridge. Hope wishes she could go back. Steffy knows Thomas was wrong but feels Hope manipulated his feelings to get him to sign the custody papers. Hope loves Douglas. Steffy questions them co-parenting after what Thomas did to her. Hope wonders if Steffy can ever forgive her brother for the pain he caused her. Steffy admits she may not be able to get past the part Thomas played in the deception, but she can’t be angry at him forever. Hope and Steffy talk in the cabin Bold and BeautifulShe wants to believe he’s becoming a better man. Hope asks her thoughts on the custody papers. Steffy disagrees with it, though she knows Hope loves Douglas. She maintains that Hope used Thomas’ feelings for her to get partial custody. “Tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.” Hope sighs.

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At Spencer Publications, Liam remains unsettled. Steffy appears and talks about her work on a different sort of line with Sally. She asks if he’s alright. Liam admits he’s pissed off at Thomas – he’s delusional.

Hope arrives at Forrester Creations. Thomas reports Liam still hates him. She relays she had a visit from Steffy. Thomas has a surprise for her and buzzes Pam, “We’re ready.” Three models enter wearing his designs for Hope for the Future. Thomas insists her line needs her – he needs her…as her designer. He wants her to return fulltime. Douglas enters with a Hope for the Future drawing and pleads, “Do it Mommy! Come work with Daddy!”

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