Sally points finger at Wyatt Bold and Beautiful
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At the Forrester mansion, Shauna tells Ridge when he kisses her, she feels like she’s flying. He warns not to fly too far – he wants her right there. Shauna marvels at her amazing life.Ridge kisses Shauna at Forrester mansion Bold and Beautiful Ridge claims his worries just disappear with her. Shauna loves having that effect on him. They kiss again. Shauna’s happy to take things slow; being there with her is enough. Ridge holds her. Shauna has no expectations but says she loves him. They kiss passionately.

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In Brooke’s living room, she and Donna talk to Katie about her second chance. Katie credits Flo. Brooke’s grateful, but can still hold what Flo did against her. Katie’s never been more appreciative of her life and family. Brooke confides that Hope managed to get Thomas to sign the paperwork – she’s officially one of Douglas’ legal guardians. Talk turns to how Ridge took the news. Brooke relays that she and Ridge aren’t together anymore.Brooke updates Katie and Donna on split Bold and Beautiful Katie and Donna are dismayed. Brooke explains it wasn’t her choice and complains Ridge isn’t listening to her anymore. Donna asks if he’s still at Eric’s and reveals that Shauna’s staying in their guesthouse. Brooke’s jaw drops. She’s certain the woman must be making advances on her husband. Brooke frets about the situation with Thomas as the sisters assure her she did the right thing. Brooke feels her taking off her ring was a mistake – she sent Ridge out the door – but she won’t change how she feels about Thomas, who is a monster, and Shauna is taking advantage of it all.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill pulls Liam into an embrace as he, Justin and Wyatt welcome him back. Bill couldn’t be happier. Justin teases he’s getting soft on them. Emmy, (played by Sheryl Underwood), enters with a welcome back basket containing antacids and tea among other items. Discussion ensues about Bill mellowing and Emmy declares he can do no wrong with her and flirts. Bill makes a speech – he couldn’t ask for a better crew; a better family – everything is falling into place.Emmy welcomes Liam back with Wyatt Bold and Beautiful After, Liam updates everyone that Hope is legally Douglas’ mother. Bill chortles that the dressmaker must not be too happy. Liam changes the topic to Wyatt’s engagement. Bill thinks he can do better than Sally. Wyatt admits something has felt off with them – he’s mystified since they genuinely love each other. Bill repeats his opinion, though he’ll support Wyatt. Liam feels they should be grateful Sally’s in his brother’s life. Wyatt senses something is holding Sally back. Just then, she enters. Sally tells Liam she’ll miss him at Forrester. Bill suggests the lovebirds should come up with a timeline and Wyatt should put a ring on it. Once alone, Wyatt tells Sally he feels there hasn’t been a push from her toward getting married. They kiss and she asks, “Are we doing this or not, Liam?” Wyatt tensely points out she just called him ‘Liam’. He asks, “Why? Or do we both know the answer to that?”

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