Miscommunication ensues as Brooke and Ridge argue over the podcast. Brooke doesn’t know what she did wrong, as Ridge continues to rail at her. Brooke says she spoke from her heart so she could make her feelings clear to him, but Ridge expected better from her. They engage in more uninformed back and forth and argue about Rick. Brooke doesn’t want to fight about her son and Ridge says she’s right, because it’s about them. Ridge says they have been doing this dance for so many years and they are still not together. The two things he wants most in this world – FC and her – are both gone. Ridge accuses Brooke of allowing Rick to take his home, his job and his dignity. Brooke denies this, but Ridge wonders why they always encounter so many challenges. He says maybe they aren’t meant to be together and maybe that’s their destiny – to long for each other, but never make it happen. Brooke won’t let him give up and thinks his anger will pass, because their love is stronger than that. Ridge always thought their love could get them through everything, but somebody always comes between them. He shouts, “When is it going to stop?” and walks out the door, while Brooke yells out after him.

Rick sits in the office and remembers Eric telling him how much he loves him and that he will never feel or be second to Ridge again. He then recalls Eric naming him president. Taylor comes to see him and tells him she is very happy for him. Rick thinks it’s high time he got the recognition he deserves, but Taylor meant she’s happy he’s walking again. Rick thinks Ridge would rather see him flat on his back, but Taylor thinks that’s unfair and doesn’t want Rick to blame Ridge for what happened between them. Rick accuses Ridge for confusing her and thinks he earned the right to sit behind that desk and run things. Taylor tells him how devastated Ridge was over Brooke’s words. Rick says Ridge will no longer receive blind loyalty from Brooke or his family and the announcement was about him, so Ridge’s name didn’t need to be mentioned. They debate what happened and Rick says the days of Ridge playing games are over, but Taylor thinks if Brooke doesn’t play her cards right, that’s not all that will be over. Rick retorts that would work out fine for Taylor, but she thinks this is about Brooke and Ridge’s toxic relationship and one day it has to stop. She says today might be that day.

Eric and Stephanie discuss Ridge and the podcast. Eric thinks Brooke did a wonderful job navigating the tough spot she was in between Ridge and Rick. Stephanie scoffs, but Eric thinks one day Stephanie will have to accept Brooke’s position in the family because nothing will ever come between Brooke and Ridge. He then states that the two of them are the future of this company. Stephanie is confused and asks if Rick’s position is temporary, but Eric says no. Steph suggests he make Ridge CEO then, but Eric responds that Ridge and Brooke are the King and Queen of fashion and Ridge doesn’t need him to validate that. Stephanie calls Eric a dolt and tells him that Ridge needs to know he’s appreciated. Eric says Brooke made that clear today, but Stephanie tells him Ridge needs appreciation from him. Eric thinks no one can get through to Ridge like Brooke can.

Brooke walks back in the house alone and cries recalling Ridge’s accusations. She thinks whatever Ridge is upset about, they can’t forget what truly matters and recalls their life together. She doesn’t understand why he’s so upset and thinks they can’t give up. She says she won’t and they need to hold on to their love.

Stephanie is on the phone telling the press, ‘no comment’. Ridge enters the office furious over what Brooke said. Stephanie tries to defend Brooke, but he is too angry to listen. He asks her to let it go and leaves Stephanie very confused.

Rick comes home and sees Brooke. He tells her that Taylor came by and told him that Ridge is not happy about the podcast. Brooke doesn’t understand and tells Rick what Ridge said. Rick thinks maybe it will blow over because it always does. Brooke doesn’t think so because Ridge was very hurt and disillusioned. She doesn’t think Ridge is coming back and recounts how he said maybe their destiny is to be apart. Rick thinks maybe he’s right and asks Brooke how many times she will set herself up for this. He begs Brooke to let Ridge go and asks her to tell him it’s over with Ridge. Brooke doesn’t say anything; she just hugs her son and cries.

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